FitWit helps you build your best self to live a healthier, happier life.

Getting in shape can be daunting, frustrating and boring if you have to do it alone . . . and that’s where FitWit comes in. We make exercise sustainable and fun in a supportive community, serving all fitness levels.

If you’ve been struggling to find a non-intimidating fitness program that is guaranteed to work for you, don’t jeopardize your health any longer!

Consider  .  .  .

If you start today, 4 weeks from now you will be shocked by how much you like exercising. You’ll be upset if you miss a workout.

If you start today, 8 weeks from now you will have developed an inner-confidence that surprises even your spouse.

If you start today, 12 weeks from now your friends will ask you what you’ve been doing.

If you start today, can you envision your best self 6 months from now? 12 months?


The first step is simple: Schedule a free consultation to speak with a coach about your goals. How do you become your best self? Whether that’s losing 30 lbs or simply getting your groove back, we’ll listen, ask questions and find the best plan for you!

We offer two main services:
1. Fitness Camps (at two Atlanta-area locations) . . . Learn more about our fitness camps below.
2. Studio Classes/Private Training (at our new Decatur/Kirkwood studio) . . . Learn about our Studio Classes!

Fitness Camp FAQ

3 reasons why we’ve been the best in Atlanta since 2006:

Our Coaching

Plenty of Atlanta fitness companies claim to have top-notch coaching but use unpaid trainers, or worse, trainers who have no real coaching experience. You become just another number in their member count. FitWit does things differently. Our expert coaches build workouts to change your body and community to change your life. The result is a regular exercise program that you’ll actually look forward to!

  • We don’t use independent contractors. We don’t hire interns to lead classes.
    Every trainer is certified and required to attend ongoing professional development led by the FitWit leadership team.
  • We require our trainers to assist Atlanta youth through a monthly volunteer commitment to our non-profit programs.

Our Workouts

FitWit’s workouts burn fat and build muscle in a safe environment with constant variety to keep things interesting.

  • Cardio conditioning: Running, jump rope training and more
  • Strength: Kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, sandbags, battle ropes, medicine balls and suspension training
  • Mobility and flexibility: Foam rollers, hurdles, plyometrics, bands and daily warm-up and cool-down routines

Our Community

Our commitment to building community is not just lip service. It’s a tangible core value that’s woven into the fabric of our company. This means we are intentional about:

  • Creating access: People of all fitness levels are welcome, and they all experience success.
  • Celebrating success: Every FitWit member becomes part of the FitWit Nation family. And like any good family, we celebrate with you — whether you set a personal record, have a baby or simply complete your first four weeks. You will be known!
  • The power of TEAM: You’ll inspire and be inspired. You’ll be held accountable and be counted on by others. We want to truly create a place, outside of home and work, where you’ll meet new people, rediscover your purpose and experience our core premise: that fitness is best cultivated in community.
  • Giving back: Each and every month, FitWit donates more than $1,500 to our non-profit, The FitWit Foundation. This is not a one-time fundraising effort or marketing gimmick. Giving is one of our central values. We are dedicated to creating opportunities to help young people belong to a fitness community.
  • People first: We will never compromise our core values — integrity, passion, community and excellence — to add to our bottom line. We don’t do things like push inferior nutrition products, and we don’t constantly try to upsell our customers to make a buck. We’ve been earning our members’ trust since 2006, and we’re relentless about validating that trust.

THIS is the FitWit Difference. Join us!

FitWit workouts are 45-50 minutes of fat-burning & muscle strengthening with constant variety.  This variety is not a haphazard. It is an intentional methodology that combines all aspects of fitness to produce maximum results for our clients, and the result is a catalog of over 500 different workouts focused on these areas:

  1. Cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning: running and jump rope training.
  2. Strength, power, and stamina: kettle bell, bodyweight, and suspension training.
  3. Functional fitness: sandbags, battling ropes, medicine balls and free weights.
  4. Sprinting, agility, and power training: plyometric boxes, cones and hurdles.
  5. Core strength and stability: exercise bands, ab wheels and body bars.
  6. Mobility drills and flexibility: exercises through daily warm-up and cool-down routines.

Check out the Sample Week below: as you can see, we are NOT the traditional boot camp that runs around a park all day, nor are we a crossfit program that focuses more on Olympic lifting. We’re a hybrid model that produces results from clients in all walks of life!

Our FitWit Memberships work like most gym memberships – 3, 6 and 12 months from $149-$265/month, with most members paying $175/month on average. [We also offer discounts for couples, teachers, students, military, law enforcement and first-responders.] First step, set up your free fitness consultation! Three things to know before you get started:

1. Our program works . . . and we GUARANTEE IT!
Our promise to you is simple: follow through with your program as it is designed and intended to deliver you the best results possible, and we guarantee you’ll look and feel better after 12 weeks.
Since 2006, our personalized group-training program has transformed thousands of lives and we’ll bet you’re not that different. Clients from every walk of life have found success at FitWit, and therin lies our secret sauce: No matter what level you are or what limitations you may have, our program can meet you where you are at and help you reach that next level.

2. FitWit is for ANYONE, but it’s not for EVERYONE.
FitWit Nation is comprised of the young and the old, the couch potato and the 5k competitor, the new mom and weekend warrior. Our success lies in our ability to accommodate our well-conditioned participants with folks who haven’t gotten off the couch in years. No one is ever left behind and no one is ever held back.
BUT, though you all have different stories and journeys, joining FitWit unifies you in these common beliefs:
● You believe in community.
● You value your health and fitness as a sound investment.
● You appreciate hard work.
● You believe your effort can inspire others.
● You believe in setting an example to the next generation.
● You don’t mind checking your ego at the door.
● You are kind and welcoming to every member of the FitWit family.

3. We don’t believe in 30-day quick fixes.
There are programs on the market that tout a 30-day quick fix. But, the reality is that fitness is a journey, and that journey is much more fun and rewarding when you do it with others. FitWit is a community that supports you, challenges you, and helps you shape a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and this community is what has helped us become the best Atlanta fitness camp program since 2006.

If you recognize the value of the above points – then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

First step, set up your free fitness consultation!

After 12 weeks on our program, if you can honestly say you don’t look and feel better, we’ll refund your entire investment.  When you show up for your workouts, follow the nutrition advice and engage in the community we are willing to bet our livelihood that you will experience success.  We’re not arrogant about it and we don’t take it lightly.  We are simply extremely confident in our system because of what years of experience has proven in thousands of clients.  
No — just a great community that makes good fitness sustainable in the long-run. We have 200+ campers who’ve been with us for 2 or more years, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have such fiercely loyal supporters.
FitWit is a for-profit company that also supports the 501(c)3 non-profit organization The FitWit Foundation, Inc. (TFF). FitWit donates a portion of our revenue every month to support free TFF fitness programs for under-served and under-resourced children and teens in Metro Atlanta. As FitWit grows, so does our ability to positively impact the lives of young people in Atlanta!
You can find a boot camp in nearly every park in town. These boot camps will likely include repetitive calisthenics, continuous running in groups, and claims of 30-day quick fixes with few specifics in mind. If this is the type of workout you are looking for, FitWit might not be for you. FitWit provides a sustainable fitness solution with emphasis on variety and community. FitWit workouts utilize multiple methods of exercise tailored to individual abilities and needs while tracking your individual progress throughout the camp.
As mentioned in the answer above, if you’re looking for a 30-day quick-fix boot camp where you run around the park every workout, there are plenty of boot camps in Atlanta, and some of these are less expensive than FitWit. We offer unique and measurable workouts coached by certified personal trainers (rather than former participants who excelled in camp) and an array of equipment (kettlebells, medicine balls, heavy ropes, sandbags and more). FitWit costs more because we deliver more and guarantee your results.
Our campers represent diverse fitness backgrounds and experiences from avid runners to former couch potatoes to new moms trying to get back in shape. We truly do cater to all fitness levels in the way we program our workouts.

If you can’t perform an exercise, we will give you modified, low-impact drills as an alternative to strengthen your body so that you will be able to condition the weaker areas.

While we do run in our camps, we create workouts in which every running level is accommodated. Campers strive to do their individual best, and no camper is ever left alone. If a camper is unable to run, injury or otherwise, a trainer prepares modifications to that day’s workout. And because we rely on a variety of equipment, there are days when we don’t even run at all. Thus, we successfully challenged both elite runners and campers who consider running torture.

In the FitWit Camp Manual, we outline a nutrition plan that will help you maximize your results. We also offer a monthly seminar covering the basic principles, and campers have the opportunity to turn in food logs documenting their food and drink intake. We also offer additional nutrition coaching.
Most campers begin to notice a difference in how they look and feel in as little as two weeks. Though every body is different, campers can expect to lose inches, burn fat and build lean muscle There are numerous success stories from people who have stuck with the FitWit program with 40-50 lbs. of weight loss, 15% loss in body fat, minutes faster mile time, a new self-esteem that has helped battle depression, lower blood pressure, etc.
We take great pride in the staff we’ve built since 2006. All of our trainers are put through a rigorous FitWit Training program, and only the best end up working with our clients. Every trainer holds a personal training certifications and/or degrees. Read more about our team here.
fitwit staff

Fitness Camp: sample week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Partner Kettlebell Series focusing on strength-building

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes:

10 pushups, 15 situps, 20 squats, 30 jump rope

Yoga Class

3 station circuit (12 min/stations): Sandbag Exercises, Medicine balls, Core Series

1.Timed Mile Run

2. Team obstacle course game.

High intensity interval training - Rowing, Running, Jump Rope, Heavy Rope Slams & Kettlebell Carries