2016 Spirit of FitWit – Old Fourth Ward

Congrats to our 2016 Spirit of FitWit winner from Old Fourth Ward – Jenny Akor.


From the moment Jenny joined our fitness community, she’s been all in. She best reflects our core values of community, excellence, passion, and integrity.

From regular attendance at all social events and never missing an opportunity to have fun and sport a costume in class, to volunteering with the FitWit Foundation, she not only embraces the community but helps create it.

Jenny’s passion and excellence are intertwined with her drive to improve.  Her inquisitiveness and eagerness to learn is evidence of her desire to make real progress in her fitness.

She not only demonstrates her integrity through her volunteerism with the FitWit Foundation, but also through her setting and achievement of her fitness goals.  Jenny is constantly achieving her goals because she puts in the honest hard work it takes to succeed.   
Congratulations Jenny and thank you for adding so much to our community!