FitWit Decatur/Kirkwood

In addition to our fitness camp programs, FitWit Decatur/Kirkwood now offers studio classes!

Fitness Camp – Our award-winning group fitness program – fun, affordable, effective, workouts with a great community and accountability (check out our community in the blog below). Learn more here or schedule a free fitness consultation here!

Studio Classes – Kettlebell, TRX, indoor rowing and cross-training variety in smaller class sizes and a flexible schedule. See pricing, schedule and sign up here.

Tuesday April 25th – Strength Development + Ropes Circuit

Tuesday: 4/25 Week 5: New 12 Weeks Strength Development: Up Weight or Up REPS 2KB Walking Lunge 5x5 (Each Leg)  2KB Deadlift 4x12 If you are Deadlifting Today: 1 Set Max Pull Ups, Assisted or Unassisted.
  • This will be be done before you start your Deadlifting. 
  • Pick a Band that you could do 8-10 Reps Max with. 
[If you’d like to...

Monday April 24th – 30 Min AMRAP

Monday:  4/24 30 Minute AMRAP:  - Run Builds in Distance on each RND:  1st RND 100m Parking Lot Loop  2nd RND 200m Cones on Clifford  3rd RND 300m White Mailbox Clifford  4th RND 400m Last MailBox on RIght Clifford - 3x Sit Outs (Each Side) - 6 x Pull...

Saturday April 22nd – 20 Min AMRAP + 10 Min Glutes

Saturday: 4/22 20-minute AMRAP: Run 200m (Dish Dive) 3x Sumo Inchworms 6x Single KB Sumo High Pull 9x Box Jumps 12x TRX Neutral Grip Pull ups (R:6x Un-Assisted Pull Ups) Row 250m  10-minutes Glute/Hip Station: – 3 Rounds of: :30 Glute Bridge Raise (use kb for added challenge) MORE

Wednesday April 19th – HIIT

Wednesday: 4/19  HIIT -  30 seconds per exercise Pushups Squats Side Plank Right  Rest 15 seconds Side Plank Left  Side lunges Mountain climbers Rest 15 seconds X2 - 2 minute rest after 2nd round Inchworms Curtsey lunges Squat jumps Rest 15 seconds MORE

Monday April 17th – Gimme 5 AMRAP + TEAM WEEK

Monday:  4/17 Gimme 5 – 18 min. AMRAP Non Scored:  Increases rep count by 5 every round. This doesn’t count towards team week points. Complete three exercises in the gym and run outside to the POD area to complete three different exercises before running back.Start with 5 reps of each exercise and increase rep count...