FitWit Decatur/Kirkwood

In addition to our fitness camp programs, FitWit Decatur/Kirkwood now offers studio classes!

Fitness Camp – Our award-winning group fitness program – fun, affordable, effective, workouts with a great community and accountability (check out our community in the blog below). Learn more here or schedule a free fitness consultation here!

Studio Classes – Kettlebell, TRX, indoor rowing and cross-training variety in smaller class sizes and a flexible schedule. See pricing, schedule and sign up here.

Saturday August 12th – Partner Ladders

Saturday: 8/12 Partner Ladders I go……..You Go After completing each ladder both partners run a parking lot loop. Goblet Squats, 1-10 Run Parking Lot Loop MB Lunges Left Leg, 1-10 Run Parking Lot Loop MB Lunges Right Leg, 1-10 Run Parking Lot Loop MB Overhead Jacks, 2-20(Counting by...

Friday August 11th – Partner Pentathlon

Friday: 8/11 Partner Pentathlon:

Campers pair up and attempt to complete each event as fast as possible (6 minute time limit for each event). Teams will record their times from each event on the big white boards (or 6 min & reps completed) – team with the lowest total time after 5 events is the...


Thursday August 10th – Supersets + 18 Min AMRAP

Thursday:  8/10 New Strength: 12 Min WEEK 7 For the next 12 weeks will start with 12 min of  x Reps for one of our main strength lifts. Campers will pick one of the lifts. For example if they chose to Lowerbody on Tuesday than they will Upperbody on Thursday. Campers will pick their KBs...