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In addition to our fitness camp programs, FitWit Decatur/Kirkwood now offers studio classes!

Fitness Camp – Our award-winning group fitness program – fun, affordable, effective, workouts with a great community and accountability (check out our community in the blog below). Learn more here or schedule a free fitness consultation here!

Studio Classes – Kettlebell, TRX, indoor rowing and cross-training variety in smaller class sizes and a flexible schedule. See pricing, schedule and sign up here.

October 11 – The Ruth

Dip Assessment  - Max dips unbroken, record scores   The Ruth   100 Lunge steps   80 pushups w/ overhead clap for each pushup completed   60 D.U. – sub 300 singles   40 burpees   20 wall balls   Run 800 meters  (8 touch drill on the field)   RED – above WHITE – at least 1/2 pushups on toes, 300 singles, wall ball (15/12) BLUE – 40 pushups w/overhead claps (on...

October 8 – Mark vs Man Jess

Mark v. Man Jess   Run 1 mile (we’ll run the block around DHS so really .85 mile)   Complete 3 rounds of the following:   10 Bronco burpees 15 Pullups (unassisted) 30 Kettlebell swings (M - 45+, W - 35+) 40 Superman   Finish with 1 mile run.     RED – above   WHITE – pushup burpees, band assisted pullups, swings (M - 35+, W - 25+)   BLUE – Run/jog/walk...

October 5 – Welcome to Deustchland

Pullup Skill Work – 10 min max, then:   Welcome to Deustchland   18 min: 40 burpees 40 double unders Then as many “reps” of the following in the remaining time: 4 touch drill (30m) 6 box jumps (24”/18”) 8 thrusters – 2 KBs (70+/50+) 10 yellow bar push-ups   Red – above White – 160 singles, 18"/broad jumps or step-ups (each leg = ½ rep), (50+/30+), push-ups...

October 4 – The Trucker

The Trucker   3 times through total:   10 mtn climbers (ea leg) 4 pushups Repeat 4 times, then: 10 lunges (total) 4 star jumps Repeat 4 times, then: 10 jumping jacks 4 burpees Repeat 4 times, then: 10 V-Ups 4 Sit Outs Repeat 4 times, then back to the start.   Early finishers do skill work:  Double Under practice, Pullups or Dips.  ...

October 2 – Sandbag Split Groups

Split Groups – 16 min each

Sandbag AMRAP

5 Sandbag Burpee Clean and Press
10 Sandbag Sumo Deadlifts
15 Pushups w/ Feet on Sandbag Run to 50 yard line  and back carrying Sandbag   -then-   Tabata Core work   4 exercises, 4 min, :20 on, :10 off for 8 rounds   Mountain Climbers Flutter Kicks Hollow Rock Superman...

Oct 1 – Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary: 3 rounds of the following: 50 Overhead bar lunge steps – 25 down, 25 back 50 Overhead bar squats 25 Dips 15 push-up burpees Then, finish with 800 m run   Red: Above White: Squats and Lunges with bar on shoulders Blue: No weight, 400m walk   Core circuit for early finishers....

Sept 28 – Pullups and POSE Running

Max Dead Hang Pullups Assessment – record scores Partner up, one works while the other counts reps, switch.  If campers cannot complete a deadhang, they will hold a negative pullup for time.   Then POSE running drills 3-man teams – 3K – 200y relay.   Every team member runs 5 200y sprints.  Team member 1 runs the length of the...

Sept 27 – Newbie Day 3 and Heavy KB Circuit

Newbie Day 3 1. KB - Review hip hinge from Day 2.  Teach KB Swing (30 min.) 2. Join up with Vets for a team workout   Vets:   1.  Max Dips Assessment – record scores Partner up, one works while the other counts reps, switch.   then:   Heavy KB Circuit w/ Partner: - 5 reps, switch, 5 reps, switch, repeat 4 min each: KB Overhead Press KB...

Sept 24 – Newbie Day 1 & the FitWit 500

Newbies Day 1: 1.  Teach Warm-up and include bracing discussion/practice for last 5 minutes.(18 min. total) 2. Plank hold assessment. 3. Bird dog with bracing emphasized. 4. KB shoulder press: rack, press, and hold (1-arm and 2-arm). 5. Teach jump rope and complete 2-minute jump-rope assessment If time permits, JumpRope/Burpee ladder - 1 burpee, 15 double unders or 30 singles, 2...

Camper Profile – Destin D.

Meet Grant Park FitWitter Destin!

Hometown: Atlanta, GA Age: 27 Occupation: Product Manager When did you first start FitWiting? February 2012 How did you hear about FitWit? Susannah Darrow and Matt Benard Favorite workouts? Anything involving running Least favorite workouts? Anything involving burpees Three words to describe you: fast,...