FitWit Kids – Where kids have fun, learn to exercise & build confidence!


FitWit Kids program runs out of our Kirkwood gym – 2197 College Ave. Atlanta, Ga 30317

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Using a combination of games, workouts, team-builders and skill practice, FitWit Kids helps children:

·        gain confidence

·        build strength and conditioning

·        make better food choices

·        improve focus

·        learn to work well with others

Parent Feedback:

Thank you for doing this!  I think it is great for kids like H., who are not into team sports, and dedicated/competitive enough to do competitive dance or gymnastics, which seems to be the only thing available for a 9 year old girl that is somewhat social and physically demanding.  – Kathy, mom of a 9-year old FitWitter


Love the life lessons and how you would let us know what lessons you are teaching.  That way we could incorporate in daily conversations.  T. has really benefited from the lesson on Integrity.  Plus, I think working out with other kids makes T. want to get better with his fitness.  We have started running/walking after school, and he doesn’t hate it. – Melissa, mom of a 6 year-old FitWitter

I can honestly say that FitWit Kids is the only thing that D. has wanted to continually attend. We’ve done sports and other extra-curriculars, but he’s really found a place at FitWit AND he’s learning so much. THANKS!– Mark, dad of an 11 year-old FitWitter


Our son isn’t a fan of team sports. Or sports in general. But every Saturday morning he is dressed and ready for FitWit kids an hour before we need to leave the house.

He says he likes the games at the end of class the most, but I think he has also secretly become a fan of doing lunges, burpees and squats.

I can tell by watching him and speaking to the instructors that his gross motor and co-ordination skills have steadily improved in the 6 months he has been attending. FitWit makes exercise fun in a non-competitive setting which can be hard to find for less sporty kids. We love it, and so does he. – Scott, dad to 9-yr old FitWitter


Class Schedule:

We now offer three class groups. Classes last 45 – 50 minutes.

Little FitWits – Ages 5 – 7

Big FitWits – Ages 8-12

FitWit Teens – Ages 13 – 17

Tuesdays –    3:30 (5-7 yr olds), 4:30 (8 – 12 yr olds), 5:15 (13 – 17 yr olds)

Wednesdays – 4:30 (mixed class, 6 – 12 yr olds)

Thursday –   3:30 (5-7 yr olds), 4:30 (9 – 12 yr olds), 5:15 (13 – 17 yr olds)

Saturdays – 9:00 am – (mixed class, 6 – 12 yr olds)

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Kids in Action:

Class Structure:

  • Group warm-up including skill development (jump rope, balance, agility) [8-10 min.]

  • Workout [10-12 min] Varies every session and is scale-able for different fitness levels.

  • Game [8-10 min] Games incorporate the skills we’ve developed in the warm-up and exercises we’re working to improve.

  • Cool down with reflection [5-10 min]

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Unlimited Monthly Membership – $99/month OR 10-pack classes: $199

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Want to try us out? First class is free!