Wednesday April 26 – Zero to Ninety

Zero to Ninety: 2 x 15 min Stations. 15-min continuously running clock, switching exercises every 90 sec. If prescribed reps are completed before 90 seconds is up, rest. If you don’t finish, move on to next exercise when 90 second clock expires.

Station 1:

Row (R...


April 24 – 10-Min Strength + 5 Exercise Circuit

10-Min Strength – Max reps of 2KB Front Squats or 2KB Shoulder Press: 5 sets of max reps, starting new set every 2 min.

Mobility during rest period:

  • Squats – 10 froggers, :30 Pigeon hold per side, :30 Quad Hip Flexor Stretch per side

  • Press – 10 PVC pass throughs or 10 Wall Angels


Tuesday April 18 – Mama Said Knock You Out

Mama Said Knock You Out (assessed)

12-Min EMOM - 12-min continuously running clock.

Every minute will begin with burpees followed by the prescribed exercise for the remainder of the minute. Count total reps performed of the prescribed exercises (DO NOT COUNT BURPEES) over the 12 min.