The Story

fitwit staff

Our Mission

We create fitness camp communities that inspire and empower individuals of all fitness levels to be fit and healthy for life.

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Our Story

Our mission really nails it — we build fitness communities. We think life is best lived in community; thus we see a better way to do fitness than sweating in your living room alone doing Tai-Bo or aimlessly wandering around a gym. We also don’t think “boot camp” has to involve getting berated by a ‘real’ marine or running around a park for 60 minutes. Nor do we believe fitness is held exclusively by the athletes; in fact, it may just be the only thing in life where success is guaranteed simply by trying harder than you did yesterday.

We seek to better define what it means to be ‘fit’ — not only in creating unique workouts but in tying our definition to include a more sustainable approach. We offer campers the opportunity to, not only get fit, but to live fit — a viable model that goes beyond the 30-day quick fix. And it also means we give back to those without the means to afford quality fitness programs. It isn’t enough to set a good example for community youth. We are committed to also creating opportunities for them to get fit. Our story is directly tied to the communities we serve and the kids’ lives we hope to improve just because people decided they wanted to get in shape themselves.

FitWitters become fiercely loyal and the really cool part is that they then become part of the story —a story that has gained serious momentum in Atlanta, and one that we’re excited to spread even further. They feel part of a larger family, and in that family, members hold each other accountable, they depend on each other and they celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Every day presents a new challenge as they push, pull, lunge, crawl, jump, run, sweat and laugh themselves into the best shape of their lives, and in the process, they meet their new best friends.

Our History

FitWit is an Atlana-based company, created by Josh and Erin Guerrieri in 2005. Teaching in inner-city Atlanta Public Schools proved to Josh and Erin that quality fitness and tutoring programs were needed for the students they served. Combining personal fitness training (FIT) and academic tutoring (WIT) proved to be an effective tool for improving the lives of a traditionally underserved student population.

While FitWit launched new programs for students, it also began offering the same type of group fitness classes for adults. At that time, they saw a niche between what typical boot camps were offering and a more personal training experience closer to Crossfit. Combining the best elements of both, FitWit created a new fitness genre: group fitness training with an emphasis on individual performance improvement and a commitment to giving back to the community.

FitWit has grown every year since the original camp in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta in April 2006. Expansion to new locations has been purposefully slower and methodical in order to avoid watering-down the successful formula of recruiting quality trainers and planting roots in a community. The Decatur location started in 2009, Midtown in 2011 and North Druid Hills in 2013. In 2015, we also launched our first brick and mortar location in Decatur/Kirkwood, where we now also offer studio classes.

While FitWit grew, so did the commitment to help under-served children. So, in 2008 The FitWit Foundation was created as a non-profit organization providing fitness programs that build strength and develop character for the young people who need it most. FitWit LLC donates revenues from every adult camp to The FitWit Foundation, to help carry out this mission and ultimately fulfill the original vision of FitWit — building community through fitness.