The Ironman – #MyFitWit

The Ironman – #MyFitWit

For our final #MyFitWit story of the year we turn to one of our nine-year vets who has finished the famed Ironman Race (Lake Placid) as well as Iron distance race Challenge Roth. Jessica Reissig has been with FitWit since the very beginning. We chatted with her interview style to find out why she's stayed and how FitWit has helped her reach her triathlon goals. Why have you stayed with FitWit for so many years? I started FitWit 9 years ago when I had just turned 30.  I had been active in high school but only sporadically since.  FitWit got me active again on a consistent basis and turned me back into an athlete.  As I got stronger, I got more confident and that branched out into other areas such as running longer distances and triathlon.  I’ve stayed with the program because it works for me.  I don’t like to work out on my own and I’ll never push myself to do the kind of stuff we do on a daily basis.  There are days when it’s hard to drag myself out of bed but once I’m there, I never regret it (unless there are pull-ups on the board).  Between the trainers and the other FitWitters there is always someone to inspire me to keep going and to keep picking up those heavy bells. How has FitWit helped you as a triathlete? I probably would not have started triathlons without the foundation I built through FitWit. I had a base of fitness and the confidence to try something new.  All I had to do was learn how to swim and ride a bike. Besides giving me a solid base, I credit FitWit with keeping me injury free.  A strong core goes a long way when you’re sitting on a bike for 6+ hours.  Triathlon training, especially long course, focuses on a few specific muscles that can become tight and overworked.  FitWit counters that by working my whole body. What advice would you give triathletes related to cross training? Cross training (& strength training) is something that should be done year round, not just during the off-season.  The diversity of movements will keep you stronger, more balanced and less prone to injury.  It’s also great to combine the long distance training needed for triathlon with short, intense workouts that cross training can offer.  It’s good for the body and the mind to mix things up.  
The Mediator – #MyFitWit

The Mediator – #MyFitWit

As a busy attorney who spends his days in negotiations, Greg Parent knows what it takes to be successful in his career as a mediator. “I have to listen carefully and use my skill set to discover the motivations of the individuals involved in every mediation. More often than not, their motivations are not necessarily the actual words they are saying but rather something more nuanced.” Greg would say the same thing about his motivation as a seven-year veteran of FitWit. He’s seen all kinds of success over the years. He’s had a community that has encouraged him and given him the push he needed to work harder. He’s recently gone down 3 suit sizes and he no longer suffers from chronic back pain. All of these things are great, but in the end, the biggest motivation for him is that when he’s feeling good about himself, he’s got the energy to be a better mediator, husband and dad.
The Runners

The Runners

So your friend comes to you and says, “Hey, I heard about this race where we run 250 miles in two days. You in?” If you’re like most of us, a polite “Are you nuts?” would do the trick. But, not five-year FitWit veteran Maggie McClatchey. When her friend proposed they create a team of FitWitters to run the Ragnar Relay with 10 other friends, Maggie jumped at the opportunity. And since then, Maggie has now completed 3 total Ragnar Races and has also put three half marathons under her belt. You can see from the picture, (Maggie is seated at the bottom of the picture) that she is one of a whole group of FitWitters who have banded together to run Ragnar Races. She wasn’t always a runner. When Maggie first started FitWit, the thought of running even three miles seemed impossible. Maggie believes that the encouragement she receives from her FitWit community has been one of the keys to her success as an endurance runner. “It’s strong, it’s empowering, it makes you feel really good to have this group of people around you who encourage you and who also tell you that you can do these things that maybe you don’t believe that you can do.” Today, Maggie not only runs, but she helps organize midweek runs out of the FitWit gym with fellow FitWitters. If you’re looking for a group who will help empower you to reach goals that seem impossible, we’d love to meet you and help you get to know our community. Contact us here.
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groupshot2Since 2006, our personalized group-training program has transformed thousands of lives (see a sampling of stories below).  We guarantee you’ll look and feel better after 12 weeks of working with us or we’ll refund your entire investment in our training program.

Camper Results!

“FitWit makes me love my body”jessica


Jessica’s Story

The body change is pretty obvious (see picture), but the fitness gains are great too. After only 12 weeks, I’m doing things I never thought I would do like toe push-ups, assisted pull-ups, 40 lb KB swings…..who would have imagined?!
The mental changes, too, have been remarkable. Doing FitWit makes me love my body. Think about it, you are honoring your body every time you show up to camp and your body is honoring you by doing the work. I’ve recognized that to realize change in myself I have to start with LOVE. You know, it’s all you need.

“Down 15 lbs and 5% body fat”cliff


Cliff’s Story

Body Fat:  From 24% down to 19%

Weight:  Dropped 15 lbs., gained muscle (clearly!)

Workouts:  Improved to a sub 8-min mile, almost 6 min. plank AND was confident enough to do the pushups-for-a-cause in a Speedo!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how far I’ve come. When I first joined FitWit I couldn’t really do a push-up or even a sit-up. FitWit has really changed my life. Never in a million years would I have dared to sign up for a marathon or believed I would enjoy getting up early and working out. The workouts are challenging with a variety from day to day that keeps it fun. I love seeing all my fellow FitWit campers no matter how sweat and dirty we get. I love my trainers – they push me hard when I need it and help with modifications when I need them. Everyone is supportive and the atmosphere is friendly.

FitWit works for me because of the community of supportive friends that I can’t wait to see at each workout. My fellow campers and trainers keep me accountable. I also like that my membership supports the FitWit Foundation which provides fitness, nutritional information, and tutoring to deserving Atlanta school kids. Having never been an athletic person now at 45, I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been.

“FitWit has become a way of life”DenaBeforeAfter (1)


Dena’s Story

I really thought I was happy until a personal situation forced me to take inventory of myself, my role as a mother, and a wife. I painfully realized that I was a mess. Instead of living, I only existed. Like so many other women, I was taking care of everybody except for me. Even worse, I convinced myself that I was happy being a plus size girl. Don’t get me wrong, you can be beautiful at any size, but in reality, it’s just not healthy to be !@#$%^&* near twice your size. (Excuse my French.)

The first few weeks of camp were rough and I felt like a complete failure. I wasn’t skinny! I remember Josh saying, “Dee, this ain’t that kind of program baby. You gotta work for it.” So I got over my unrealistic expectations (to lose 30lbs. in 3 days), showed up for camp every day, and attended nutrition counseling with Jenn. Within weeks, I started seeing tremendous results.

With the support of the trainers and the 7am Grant Park crew, I have now lost over 60lbs. Did I reach my goal? Not yet, but I am happy, looking fly, and sexier than ever. FitWit has become a way of life for me and I am loving it!

“FitWit is my team”Pam_Before_After-300x300 (1)


Pam’s Story

I lost 27lbs, dropped 4 clothing sizes and most of all I feel great!

My husband says he is so proud of me and calls me “skinny”!

I am a FitWitter for life, a team player and FitWit is my Team!

“The resolution I stuck with”jay


Jay’s Story

I’m more than glad that FitWit is the New Year’s resolution that I stuck with, In January of 2012. I began a challenging and rewarding group experience. Being resolute about getting-up extra early and ignoring my lungs’ and muscles’ protests, I inched and lunged my way into a healthier, stronger place. , I can concretely see the real progress I’ve made through eating right and regular adherence to the FitWit regimen! It’s all worth it!

“FitWit helped save my life”jennifer-before-and-after


Jennifer’s Story

FitWit helped save my life

Upon realizing it was my anniversary of sorts, I revisited my pictures from two years ago last night and saw for myself the changes… It is staggering. I don’t even recognize the ‘before’ person… physically, mentally, in all aspects! Never going back to that! Forward momentum only! FitWit helped me save my life… and that’s not a dramatic statement!

“No More Hiding!”michele

Michele Before and After

Michele’s Story

Pictures are one thing, but the way I feel now, strong, and healthy, not ashamed, no need to hide behind my 7 year old. (I’ve even got my thyroid numbers regulated!)

Worth a thousand words..michele

Tara Before and After

Tara’s Story

The picture says it all!


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