The FitWit Foundation


Vision:  The FitWit Foundation envisions a a future where young people belong to a community, dedicated to fitness that empowers them to believe in themselves and strive for success every day.

Mission:  We support our vision by providing free fitness programs that build strength and develop character for the young people who need it most.

FitWit is a for-profit company that also supports the 501(c)3 non-profit organization, The FitWit Foundation, Inc. (TFF). FitWit donates a portion of our profits every month to support free TFF fitness programs for under-served and under-resourced children and teens in Metro Atlanta. As FitWit grows, so does our ability to positively impact the lives of young people in Atlanta!

Our Story

In 2005, husband and wife team Josh and Erin Guerrieri both taught and coached in inner-city Atlanta Public Schools. They saw they need for quality fitness and tutoring programs for the students they served. The combination of these two programs — personal fitness training (Fit) and academic tutoring (Wit) — proved to be an effective blend in addressing a traditionally underserved student population.

While FitWit launched new programs for students, it also began molding its defining program, the adult fitness camp. These early fitness camps evolved into what is now the ground-breaking FitWit training program; devoted to challenging fitness across all elements while tracking performance and building community within the participants.

As FitWit grew, Josh and Erin wanted very much to remain true to their original vision of helping underserved students to be healthy and successful. To that end, in 2008, with the help of friend and former teammate Ben Thoele, they created the FitWit Foundation; a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in Atlanta, Georgia.

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