15 Min AMRAP & Team Game – Friday, March 31 (O4W)


15 Min AMRAP:
-10 KB Headcutters: R:(40+/30+), W:(35+25+), B:(30+/20+)
– 10 KB Rows (5/arm) R:(60+/40+), W:(45+/ 35+), B:(40+/30+)
– 10 KB Swings: R:(60+/40+), W:(45+/ 35+), B:(40+/30+)
– 10 Hollow rocks

Team Pictionary : Teams of 3-4 race to finish the required reps for 1 stations. Everyone works at the same time, and teammates can help steal reps. After completing the first 2 stations, race back to draw a sheet of paper to play Pictionary. The faster you get done with 2 stations, the more time you’ll have with Pictionary. (Once the last team arrives to the game clock starts and everyone has 3 minutes to finish Pictionary). One person will be drawing while everyone else is trying to guess while in a hollow hold. Team with most correct answers wins.

Station 1: 200 DU/600singles

Station 2: 100 KB Swings (25 Each)

Station 3: Row 500m Each

Station 4: 6 laps ( ½ the group rests while the others run – 3 laps/person)