2019 Fall Into Shape Nutrition Challenge

Join the fun to reboot your nutrition, your mindset and your body by committing to a 4-week challenge to close out summer and gear up for the holiday season! Earn accountability points (AND the chance for weekly raffles) by sticking to healthy eating rules, working out and making small lifestyle changes to better your health. AND, you’ll get a before and after InBody Composition Scan to help you understand your body’s muscle, fat and water composition.

But Why?

When it comes to nutrition we sometimes need a fresh start to get out of our old habits and build in some new ones. We recognize everyone has specific nutritional needs, however, we believe there is an outline that works best for most people – eating whole, real foods. This includes lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, some fruit, healthy fats, and lots of water. There are a plethora of options when it comes to eating real foods. Think of these 28-days as an opportunity really focus in on your nutrition habits and to learn what foods make you feel yo’ best! This challenge is completed individually however everyone is strongly encouraged to have an accountability partner, which will allow you to gain more points and stay on track. Start this Fall season off strong by building healthy habits and mindset with the support and encouragement of our challenge director and the entire group of participants cheering you on!

AND, though your improved mindset and body is the REAL prize, you have the chance to win weekly raffles and a grand prize at the end of the challenge!

Check out what people have said in the past about this challenge:

“I have lost over 10 pounds!” ~Vicki

“Since removing alcohol my sleep has improved and I feel much more energized for my morning workouts.” ~Jill

“I find myself looking at food and thinking “do I need to eat that or do I want to eat it?” and “are you really hungry or just thirsty or bored?”. Moving forward I am trying to make meal prep easy more organized. more planned out and less my own episode of “Chopped”” ~Alison

“I can see more muscle definition, and I’m fitting into clothes that had been moved to the back of the closet.” ~Meagan

“I feel calmer.  My mood and energy level aren’t shifting as dramatically.” ~ Brandie

“Biggest mindset change: challenge is over, but I am not changing how I am eating! this is just the beginning!!!!” ~Kate

Save These Dates

  • Saturday September 14th 9a- Strategies to Overcome Barriers When Changing Your Diet Nutrition Talk with Coach Maddie at the Kirk + a Make and Take– we will provide spices and recipes for you to make your own spice blends to keep all your food tasting extra scrumptious during the challenge
  • Saturday September 14th 8a-12p- Pre-Challenge InBody Scans
  • September 14 – October 12, 2019-Fall into Nutrition Challenge.
  • Saturday September 28th 9a-Healthy Cooking Tasting and Tips Class with Michelle Skalka (Clean Plate Club)
  • October 12th 8a-12p- Post- Challenge InBody Scans

What is Included

  • FitWit Nutrition Resource Guide
  • Whole30 Program Rules
  • InBody Muscle and Fat Analysis. The InBody goes beyond traditional body composition measurements and includes measuring body fat, water retention, visceral fat (around your organs) and segmental fat (where is it located), and lean muscle mass. This test is non-invasive and pain free! For more info on this test and the results, go here.
  • Community support  through discussion on FaceBook in the private Eat Fit Group. And weekly emails from you challenge director
  • Overcoming Barriers Class, with Coach Maddie. Learn tips and tricks to set yourself up for a successful challenge
  • Make an Take- Come make your own spice blends so you know exactly what is going in them and add these to your favorite proteins and veggies to keep your food tasting delicious.
  • Healthy Cooking Tips Class, with Michelle Skalka, owner of the Clean Plate Club. Learn tips and tricks to make all your healthy eating taste great!
  • Prizes and raffles Grand prizes for individuals with the most points earned, and most fat loss. As well as weekly raffles for all participants!
  • Unlimited support from your challenge director (Maddie Keller) and other participants
  • FOUR focused weeks to improve your diet and lifestyle habits!


Early Bird Challenge Registration Cost: $69. Anyone who signs up BEFORE September 7th gets $10 off the regular $79 price by using the PROMO CODE “Early Bird”

*Bring a Friend Special: $64 Sign up with a NON-MEMBER and each of you receive $15 off! PROMO CODE “Friends”

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Sign up: PAY HERE. Be sure to scheudule PRE AND POST SCANS

After paying, you’ll receive details on how to schedule your Pre and Post Inbody Body Scan appointment for September 14th and October 12th. You may choose other dates if needed. For questions regarding scheduling scans please email [email protected]


How to Get Started

  1. Read the complete Official Rules right here on this page. Questions: [email protected]
  2. Download the  Fall Into Shape Calendar (to earn and keep track of points)
  3. Introduce yourself in our Facebook forum, Eat Fit.
  4. Read Whole30 Program Rules (this will be our framework for the challenge) and use the tools and printables there to start planning your meals.
  5. Book your InBody Measurements by going HERE.
  6. Be sure to record your weekly points every Monday. YOU are responsible for keeping track of your points during the challenge. An online point tracker will be sent out via the Eat Fit group and email every week.

Fall into Shape Challenge Rules

Whole30 Program

If you have never completed the Whole30 Program we strongly encourage you to follow this eating plan for the challenge. Please see the Whole30 Program Rules for descriptions of each of the foods to eat and those to avoid during the challenge period. Whole30 allows you to find out what foods work best for you so you can build the best nutrition habits even after the challenge is complete.

Modified Whole30 Option:

We understand that some people thrive on Whole30 while others may not find it realistic to complete Whole30. What we care about most is that you can feel successful during the challenge while building healthier nutrition habits.

If you have completed the Whole30 in the past OR feel like you need a little bit less restrictive option you may adjust The Whole30 Program  plan to include the following:

  • Legumes (any bean)
  • Non-Processed grains: Rice, oats, quinoa, barley (this does NOT include whole grain breads/pastas/pastries or corn)

**IF fat loss is your goal we strongly encourage you stick to Whole30 as much as possible. If you do include grains/legumes try to limit to ONE serving a day (about a handful). This will help you to practice getting in more vegetables and proteins in your diet.

Please be sure to download and print the Fall Into Shape Calendar in order to keep track of your tasks and overall points. The calendar is designed to help you develop lasting nutrition habits and to encourage you to stay focused during the four week challenge. A healthy mindset and focus can help lead to discipline which leads to lasting change.

“I am vegetarian/vegan can I still participate in the challenge?”  YES! If you are vegetarian/vegan you can still participate! Here is a PDF that is helpful for pescetarians, vegetarians and vegans. IF you do not eat any meat then you are allowed to add in these additional protein resources during the challenge. of foods that you can eat during the challenge and which to avoid during the challenge. For questions please reach out to Maddie ([email protected])

Tracking Your Points with the Summer Shape Up Calendar:

Print or download the Fall Into Shape Calendar.  To make sustainable change, it is important to build healthy habits one step at a time, one day at a time. The Challenge Calendar is designed to help you gain points on a daily basis by completing small attainable tasks. These tasks may be focused on nutrition, wellness, or mindset habits.

Every day you have the opportunity to gain THREE points by eating clean, one point for each meal-breakfast, lunch and dinner. “Eating clean” means following the Whole30 Rules (you can include legumes and approved grains, see above under challenge rules). There is an additional task everyday that will allow you to gain two more points each day.

We recognize some of the tasks may be difficult to complete on an exact date to do your personal schedule and commitments. As long as the task is completed with in the designated five weeks of the challenge you may count is as complete. For example, on 9/19/19 the task is “to go on a walk with a friend”, you are allowed to change that to any other day during the challenge if that is more convenient. Some tasks are repetitive, just more opportunities to practice!

You are responsible for keeping track of your individual points every week for the calendar and to update your points on the Online Point Tracking Form which will be sent to you weekly via email.

Recording Your Progress

This challenge does NOT require you to take before and after pictures. However, we strongly encourage you to take before and after pictures of yourself. This is for you to visually see your progress and can be very helpful to see changes in your body other than weight measurement.

The main way to record your progress during this challenge will be through the InBody Measurements. This will really breakdown the progress you have made with muscle gain and fat loss. Be sure to sign up for your measurement times HERE.


At the end of each week ALL participants who have accumulated at least 28 points for that week (max points per week is 37…though there maybe some bonus points thrown in from time to time) will be eligible for a weekly raffle and we have some awesome prizes for ya! In order to be entered into the raffle you must enter your weekly points every Tuesday by 6pm (the first raffle will take place on 9/25/19).

Grand Prizes

Everyone that participates is a winner but we will have grand prizes for the following:

  • Most Points Earned
  • Highest body fat percentage lost (overall percentage)
  • Greatest overall fat percentage lost (calculated as Body Fat% #1-Body Fat% #2/ Body Fat% #1)*Note: This is the percentage of body fat loss relative to their starting point. So, some folks may have lost more lbs of fat total, but they have a smaller total fat loss percentage relative to their starting pounds of fat. 

For any questions or concerns please contact the challenge director, Maddie Keller at [email protected]

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Sign up: PAY HERE. Be sure to scheudule PRE AND POST SCANS