28-Day Nutrition Challenge Winners!

  The 28-Day Nutrition Challenge is complete, the participants have crossed the finish line and the results are in! This challenge we focused on 5 major pillars of health: food, water, sleep, exercise and stress relief.  During the last four weeks, we followed the Whole30 Program and practiced daily habits to help build a better mindset around nutrition and health. Mastering small habits at a time is what helps make your nutrition habits sustainable which leads to lasting changes and results. Many reported improving their mindset around food, getting better sleep and becoming better chefs in their kitchen!

“I can do hard things. Especially hard things that I have overthought to pieces and come up with a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t even try. This has probably been the most impactful part of this challenge for me.” ~Emily

” I plan to continue meal prepping and being mindful of what I eat; when I do have a “bad patch” it’s okay, just back onto focusing what is good for me.” Shelley

“A Challenge like this helped me to realize the importance of prep and setting small goals.” David

“I learned that sugar hides in nooks and crannies. I definitely slept better and drank more water.” Joey

This Challenge we placed participants into small teams to help cheer each other on. They were able to reach out to their group anytime for encouragement during work luncheon or donut functions, share recipes that were a hit with the family, as well as share in struggles and successes. It was truly one of the best aspects of the challenge seeing the community spur each other on!

While there were a lot of physical changes participates reached their other goals and reported things like increased energy, quality sleep, making better choices while traveling and on the go, and better at managing stress. That’s what it’s all about folks!

The overall results are outstandingOut of the 57 finishers in just four short weeks, There was over 196 pounds of fat lost. Great work y’all!

While the challengers did a great job sticking to the Whole30 program, the 28-Day Challenge is WAY MORE than what to eat and what not to eat.  Participant kept track of how much water they drank (at least 60 ounces a day), sleep (goal of at least 7 hours a night), and exercise throughout the week. We also focused on meal prepping, eating slowly and without distraction, eating more veggies and increasing our protein.

All of these practices encourage you to view your health holistically and to learn how all these things impact your nutrition choices. This allows you to become more aware of how your habits impact your health and what changes you need to make that are best for you. Realizing your mindset towards food and your eating habits can empower you to make different nutrition choices that are best for you! Check out all the things the challengers learned…

“The best way to avoid junk food is to not have it around. My kids will survive without a pantry full of not-so-good food. They can get that at their grandma’s house.” ~Carmen

“This whole process exceeded my expectations and opened my mind to a way of life without sugar, dairy and flour.” ~Chris

“I learned if I exercise more frequently I am more motivated to eat well.” ~Sharon

“I did modified Whole30 and allowed myself to eat rice and beans. I found this helped me to really enjoy my food and didn’t feel deprived. I learned what all sorts of apples taste like, and had fun trying new foods. I felt better overall!” ~MarySidney

“This has made a tremendous difference in the overall quality of my daily life.  I have more energy, feel mentally sharper, and with a better/higher mood level.” ~David

These practices are so important to learn so you do not go on a downward spiral if you feel like you have eaten something “bad.” Challengers really learned that if you make a choice that is not in line with your goals that doesn’t mean all is lost. Instead, changing their mindset to pick right back up and keep going; persistence over perfection!

Now onto the winners… drumroll, please… 

For the MOST POINTS EARNED over 4 weeks are:

Raph C  is the winner for gaining the most points. Raph also did an awesome job at losing body fat by dropping almost 12 pounds of body fat! He was really committed to the challenge and even continued to practice healthy habits while traveling to New York City! He is a long time morning FitWitter and was a great encourager to his team.

He is the winner of:

  • new FitWit T-shirt
  • A FREE month of yoga with Seviin Yoga
  • 2 InBody scans
The winners for the GREATEST overall fat percentage lost are: (calculated as Body Fat% #1 – Body Fat% #2 / Body Fat % #1) 
Note: This is the percentage of body fat loss relative to their starting point. So, some folks may have lost more lbs of fat total, but they have a smaller total fat loss percentage relative to their starting pounds of fat. 


1st Place for Women: Emily T.
1st Place for Men: David S.

These two will receive:

  • Gift Card to Big Peach Running
  • new FitWit T-shirt
  • 3 InBody scans
  • A 30-minute private training session with a FitWit Coach

Emily lost almost 9 pounds of body fat, a total fat loss percentage of over 26%!  Emily have been a long time Fitwitter and is a strong mother of 2 kiddos. Emily always works hard in class is consistent with her exercise routine. Emily reported she improved on increasing her vegetable and protein intake over the challenge while also prioritizing sleep. She plans to continue to practice a lot of her habits after the challenge.


David lost over 8 pounds of fat, a total fat loss percentage of 19%!  He has been a member at FitWit for almost a year and continues to work hard in the gym. David credits his wife Michelle (who is a chef) to a lot of his success for the challenge but he also became more mindful about eating out, hydration and being consistent in the gym. His hard work paid off!



There is a lot to be proud of through everyone’s accomplishments and results of the Challenge. If you would like help with your Nutrition Goals check out our Silver Coaching Program for weekly support and accountability.  . If you have questions about nutrition reach out to Coach Sandybell any time at [email protected]