3 Man Team Workout – Monday, February 13 (O4W)



Posterior Gains: Everyone does deadlifts since the workout will have a high volume of pull-ups

Deadlifts –
3 sets of 10 reps (increase weight next set if you successfully make it to 10 reps) choose either one.


3 man Teams: Pull-ups -> Cardio (Pace setter) -> Carry -> back to start
1. Max pull-ups set 1 (perfect sets of 5, quick over the bar & controlled down). Second time on the bar they’ll be doing max over the bar hangs. 3rd round max hollow hangs from the bar. (pretty much the reverse of our 8 week pull-up progression)

2. cardio: building lap (B-stop sign run) or 1000m row (B-800m) or 150 DU (W75-B 200 singles) (they can choose which one each round)

3. Carry/core: Single arm racked carry 4 touches width of gym (switch arms each touch) + 10 hollow rocks (rest after the carry & rocks are complete)

Cool down:

Lat band stretch on rig 1min/arm

Pigeon 1 min/leg

Bretzel 1 min/side