3 X 8 min Stations – Wednesday, March 22 (O4W)


3 x 8 Min Stations: 2 Min Rest BTWN Stations Rowers will need full 2 Mins off.
Station 1: Rowing
8 Min Row @ 10 Secs Slower than your Target 2K Pace (if they know what that is).
EX: If your target 2K Pace is 2:00 you’d maintain a 2:10 Pace for this 8 min Row.
– Then 7 power strokes at the top of every minute (shoot to pass 2k split by :05-:10), and settle back into the target pace.

By the end of the 8 min they should be close to their 2k time

Station 2: KB Deadlift -> Hollow Hold -> Push Ups
8- 2KB Deadlift R:(60+/50+), W:(50+/40+), B:(40+/30+)
– Max hollow hold (Start with knees bent & work out if possible)
– Max perfect push ups (putting hollow in motion nice & slow reps)


Station 3: Pull Up
6-8 Reps of each
– Straight arm pull-ups (getting into a hollow hang w/ lats engaged)
– 2 Max set full ROM (Light bands only or TRX – light band is under green)
– Negative (:5 Sec Hold :5 Full Lower)
If they finish early:
Run 2 parking lot laps
Practice hollow hold on bar (:10-:20 at a time)