4 X 8 Min Stations – Wednesday, January 4 (O4W)



Partner workout – 4 x 8 min stations:


Each station will be on a 30:30 clock for 8 min – 8 rounds (1 min rest  b/t stations). The row station will be a full 8 min row with no rest.


1)  Row on erg: Focus on a steady pace that increases 500m split by 2-5 sec every minute, but S/R stays the same. This will help with how to produce power while still focusing on the recovery. This should be close to a 2000m row, so this will give the folks that are rowing in the erg sprint an idea of around what it takes, and around the time they’ll be shooting for

2)   Double unders/singles

3)   TRX push-up & 90 degree push-up hold (switch every round)

4)    jumping lunges  &  squats (switch every round)