The 7-11 – Tuesday, February 28 (O4W)



“The 7-11” Assessed: Count Total Number of Burpees complete (21 Mins)
7 x 2 Minute RNDS
– 1 Parking lot lap Followed by Max Burpees for the remainder of the 2 min.
– 1 Min Rest

B 100m Run: Start off on parking lot lap, but at the first turn come right back to the stairs (50m out & back)

Core: This is to reinforce our bracing technique, and how all of these movements should feel that same.
Time hollow holds (:10 hold/:20 rest X5)
Repeat with plank
Repeat with Push-up

– Wall hip flexor stretch 1 min hold each leg
– Pigeon 1 min hold each leg
– Frog Stretch: 10x Rock w/ :2 Sec Hold
– Puppy Dog 1 Min (childs pose with high hips)