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Thursday July 26th – Partner KB Strength + Team Card Game

Thursday:  7/26

Partner KB Strength Day = 14 Minutes

On a Tabata clock (4 min / 8 intervals) in an I go, you go fashion (Partners will alternate intervals, so they will work for 20 sec and then have 40 sec rest until they go again) 1 Minute Rest Between Each

  • 2 KB Front Squat  R:(45+/35+) W:(30+/25+) B:(20+/15+)
  • 2 KB Strict Press R:(40+/30+) W:(25+/20+) B:(20+/15+)
  • Dumbbell or Band Curls (Switch Each RND BTWN DB and Band)

Recover &

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Monday July 23rd – “Back to the Grind” – 30 Minute Time Cap

Monday:  7/23

“Back to the Grind” – 30 Minute Time Cap

R: 5 RNDS, W: 4 RNDS, B: 3 RNDS

6 x 2 KB Thrusters R:(40+/30+), W:(30+/25), B:(20+/15+)

6 x 2 KB Racked Step Back Lunges (total 3/Side) (Using Thruster Weights)

12 x Push ups  B: TRX Chest Press

12 x Burpees

2nd Whitemail Box Run B: 1st White Mailbox Run (Non Runners: 20 Cal Bike)

Early Finisher Mobility work:

Pick Between the two July Challenge Mobility Circuits  


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