Barbell Club


Barbell training is a fun and challenging way to compliment your standard FitWit workouts.
At Barbell Club FitWitters can learn, build strength, and have fun with the six main barbell exercises and their variations: Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Snatch, and Clean and Jerk.

Who is it for?
Any FitWitter interested in learning how to lift heavy weights safely and efficiently in order to make strength and fitness gains lifelong. Barbell training is for female and male enthusiasts alike. Barbell training can compliment any fitness goal (ie NOT just for meatheads and those wanting to get “swole,” though we like those too!). You can absolutely get stronger without getting “too big” or even gaining body weight.

Barbell Club is open to any FitWit member who has attended a Barbell Workshop – Level 1. There is no additional cost to attend the Barbell Club beyond the initial workshop.

Saturdays at 10:15am beginning March 5

BUT, first you must attend a FitWit Barbell Workshop (First one is Feb 27). See below.

FitWit Barbell Workshop – Level 1
Learn the fundamentals of 4 classic strength training lifts: Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift, and the Overhead Press.
Warm-up techniques
Proper set-up
Exercise execution
Basic training regimens and how to work them into your current FitWit program
Training etiquette
How to know when to push ahead and when to pull back

What is the cost?
The 3-hour workshop costs $129 and is limited to 6 total participants.

February 27, 10:15-1:15pm
March TBD
April TBD

Sign up here by clicking on TAB: Buy Classes > Class Packs/Upfront Payments. Then choose “Workshops” from the dropdown menu.

We can only take up to six people for this first workshop, but there will be a waiting list. To be added to the waiting list, please email Thanks!