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Friday January 13 – Partner Stations

Friday: 1/13

Partner Stations: 

Partner Rowing: 2 x 4 Min Pieces 

  • Partner 1: ROW
  • :30 Sec Sprint at 90% Effort 
  • :30 Sec Easy Row/Paddle 
  • A: 10x Frogger to 2x Bird dogs (Each Side) [10x Sec Hold] 
  • B: 5x PVC Shoulder Pass Throughs to 10x Dead Bugs (Each Side)

AMRAP: 16-18 Min 

  • 30x TRX MTN Climbers (Total) [Blue: Regular MTn Climbers] 
  • 10x Side Plank Flex &

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Row X Tabata – Wednesday, January 11 (O4W)



Tabata – 20:10 X 8 –  Switch exercises every round

60 sec transition/rest
1) Row: Active recovery in the 10 sec off, slow controlled pace. When they are on the working interval encourage campers to do sprints by doing what feels natural to them (probably going up in SR.) After the first two intervals coach them to try sprinting by adding pressure through their feet and focus on the recovery.

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