Old 4th Ward

Workout Blog for our Old Fourth Ward / Midtown Location on Ralph McGill Blvd.

Wednesday August 8 – ClassHIIT Rock

Wednesday 8/8

Class HIIT ROCK (Matt Beerse Special)

3×9 minute Circuits 45:15 clock. Complete each circuit 3 times. 90 sec rest between circuits.

Circuit 1:
Sumo Inchworm Shoulder Taps
Alternating KB Clean and Press: R:(40+/30+),W:(30+/25+),B:(20+/15+)
Squat Jumps B: Squats

Circuit 2:
Down Dog Toe Touch to Plank w/ crossing toe touches (B: Plank leg lifts)
KB Swings R:(60+/53+),W:(45+/40+),B:(30+/25+)
Superman Hold

Circuit 3:
Mountain Climbers to Push up (4 Climbers:1 Push up)
KB Squat High Pull: R:(53+/45+),W:(40+/30+),B:(30+/20+)
Hollow Hold


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O4W Workouts – Week of 8/6-8/10

Monday 8/6

The Jumpstarter

3 x 9 min Stations

Station 1

1st min: 250 meter Row 200 meter Row

2nd min: Burpees

3rd min: Rest

Repeat 3 x


Station 2

1st min: Parking lot Sprint

2nd min: Wall Balls

3rd min: Rest


Station 3

1st min: 15/12 cal Air Bike

2nd min: DU (Speed singles)

3rd min: Rest

Tuesday 8/7

:30 sec on / :15 sec Transition (rest)

After 1 Rounds of all exercises they get 1 min rest and repeat 5x  


Jumping Pull Ups

Heavy Rope Slams (20 slams / quick shake / 20 slams….)

6 Inch Hold  

Walking Lunges

Slam Balls

Squat Jumps


7 way hips to finish out our day ( laying on your side,

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Friday August 3 – Fire Starter

Friday 8/3

Fire Starter

4 x 6 min Partner Stations / Alternating exercises ea. Interval 30 sec of work 30 sec of rest / 90 sec – 2 min rest between stations

Station 1: Bike Sprints (guys: 500-700+ watts / ladies: 300-600+)

Station 2: Heavy Rope Slams and Hollow Hold

Station 3: Erg Sprints (each partner is on their own erg / active recovery)

Station 4: Plank and Burpees

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