Old 4th Ward

Workout Blog for our Old Fourth Ward / Midtown Location on Ralph McGill Blvd.

Tuesday December 11 – Fifty Shades of Fitness

Tuesday 12/11

Fifty Shades of Fitness (Assessed)

R – 50 Reps, W – 40 Reps, B – 30 Reps

Pushups R (toes), W(at least ½ on toes), B (knees)


Lunges (ea leg)

KB Swings R (60+/45+) W (45+/35+) B (30+/25+)


KB High Pulls R (50+/40+) W (40+/30+) B (30+/20+)

Side Plank Hip Touches (ea side)

Double Unders W (Count attempts OR 200 singles) B (150 singles)

Wall Balls  R (20/15+),

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O4W Wednesday 12/5 – Class HIIT Rock


3 x 9 minute Circuits 45:15 clock. Complete each circuit 3 times. 90 sec rest between circuits.

Circuit 1:
Sumo Inchworm Shoulder Taps
Alternating KB Clean and Press: R:(40+/30+),W:(30+/25+),B:(20+/15+)
Squat Jumps B: Squats

Circuit 2:
Down Dog Toe Touch to Plank w/ crossing toe touches (B: Plank leg lifts)
KB Swings  R:(60+/53+),W:(45+/40+),B:(30+/25+)
Superman Hold


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