Old 4th Ward

Workout Blog for our Old Fourth Ward / Midtown Location on Ralph McGill Blvd.

O4W Team Week Rosters – April 2018




RED – 6 AM                        BLUE – 6 AM

Alexa L                             Amber M

Bryan W                            Danny B

Megan M                          Meghan T

Claire B                            Erin J

Kathy A                            Emily C

Tammy H                          Jenny M

Josue G                            Todd L

Mark R                              Jess B

Kimberly H                       Monica G

Caroline                           Suzanne W

Jill C                                Sarah F

Wes J                                John S

Jessica R                            Matt C

Greg H                                Liz B

Sasha F                            Stephanie Z


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Friday April 13 – Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Friday: 4/13

Row Row Row your Boat (32-min)

In teams of 3-4 they will be rowing relay style 2 min at a time. While 1 person rows the others will perform 2 exercises per station:

Station 1: 2 min max meter row

Station 2: 10 Spiderman Planks (total) / 10 Bird Dogs (total)

Station 3: 5 x 2 KB Squat / 5 x Racked Step Back Lunge (Each) (45+/35+) (35+/25+) (25+/15+)

Station 4: 5 x Prone PVC Pass Throughs / 3 x Prone Swimmers

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