January Member of the Month – Michael Collins-Smythe

Clapping it up for January’s Member of the Month–none other than our Michael Collins-Smythe!

Michael has been a very consistent member attending the evening and Saturday morning classes. He’s dependable, humble, and always eager to get after his strength rounds. We can count on him to claim a spot in the front row, check the board, and grab his kettlebells for the day well before class starts. He brings a fantastic FitWit attitude each time and has shown unconditional support to members and coaches alike no matter how long they’ve been part of the FitWit community. He genuinely displays what we strive for here at FitWit with the family vibe. We look forward to his PM participation and are impressed with the progress he’s made. Thank you, Michael for all that you do. Congratulations!




Hometown: Blue Ridge, GA

Age: 51

Occupation: business owner/home inspector

When did you first start FitWit-ing?  February 2018

Tell us about your sports & fitness background:

I have often described myself as the least athletic person I know. I first learned of FitWit because Liz Beard is my neighbor and friend. Knowing that Liz and Joey have been professional athletes, I initially thought that there was no way I could be capable of being part of FitWit. Liz was very convincing and slowly encouraged me to give it a shot. It took me 6 months of contemplation, but I finally signed up.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting FitWit?

Just before joining FitWit, I had my annual physical. My doctor had been monitoring me for both heart disease and type 2 diabetes for several years. My A1C and fasting blood sugar numbers had been creeping up with age, and I was standing at the threshold of a diagnosis. After only 3 months of FitWit, my testing values had dropped by nearly 20% and have remained steady. 

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like FitWit that was totally unexpected?

This may not be a conventional response to this question, but FitWit absolutely helped me when I lost my dad a couple years ago. When I returned home from the funeral, the first thing I felt liked that I needed was to be back in the gym. I think exercise truly makes a difference in our emotional wellbeing.

Why do you FitWit?

I have jokingly remarked that I only exercise so that I can eat pie. But truthfully, FitWit is addictive. Even though I get the typical post-exercise soreness that we all get, I wholly feel better both physically and psychologically on the days that I FitWit. I also enjoy that my husband is part of FitWit and we can workout together. Our kids get tired of us talking about FitWit when we’re at home

Favorite workouts?

I definitely favor the strength workouts. Particularly, I like the 30 minute AMRAP because I can control my rest breaks. I do try to set a goal of five rounds when I start the workout though.

Least favorite workouts?

I find holds challenging with wall sits being the most disfavored. But, as far as workouts go, I usually don’t favor “I go, you go” partner workouts. I don’t mind the moves—I just don’t like the pressure of my partner waiting on me

Three words to describe you:




Any favorite FitWit moments?

Recently, we talked Renell into singing Bring Sally Up, and that made 3 plus minutes of up and down planks a lot more fun. On another occasion last year, he also taught an entire studio class with a British accent. 


Fitness Goals?

For me the most important muscle is my heart. I know that each day I go to FitWit should give me a longer and healthier life. My goal for 2021 is being consistent and participating at least four days a week. 

Words to live by?

“The Secret to Happiness? Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things”

Something cool we don’t know about you?

Jeff and I have two adopted daughters that came into our lives as infants. Our lives pretty much revolve around them in our efforts to raise them into happy, adjusted, and strong women.

Anything else to share?

I can’t say enough about how uniquely gifted each of the coaches are at FitWit. It’s hard to have a favorite because they are all so good at their craft. The secret ingredient for FitWit is not the location, the equipment, or even the exercise routines—it is most definitely the coaches who are consistent, personable, focused, and spirited.