Don’t jump ahead. This is not a race. It’s not a diet. It’s your life.

Hey team,

Whew! It’s been a challenging week in the gym with some intense conditioning workouts in the mix.

Conditioning work is fun, amirite? Plus, giving your all on the air bikes or the 2-mile run or grinding through the last set of a grueling workout like Three Day Weekend helps you to realize your fitness potential. Tough, taxing workouts are important. . .  but, only if you’re first doing the movements correctly. This brought to mind a quote I saw from Precision Nutrition:

Show up each day and do what you can on that day. Don’t jump ahead. This is not a race. It’s not a diet. It’s your life.

It’s easy to get swept away by the fun and sexy stuff that has you leaving sweat angels all over the gym floor. It’s easy to want to jump ahead and train hard, instead of smart. Like the wise folks at Precision Nutrition said, it’s not a race. It’s your life. And, it’s not so much about winning the game as it is about staying in the game.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your success is to train today to ensure your ability to stay in the game and return tomorrow. Why?

  • Consistency matters. “Returning tomorrow” is crucial to your success.
  • Good fitness favors those with a long-term game plan. Shortsightedness often rewards us with injury and disappointment.
  • It’s important to choose your workout level wisely. If doing the “Red” version has you unable to walk for three days, maybe that wasn’t the best choice.
  • Sometimes, the best workout for your body that day won’t leave you in a puddle of sweat. Slow, controlled exercises are less sexy but many times are more vital to your overall health.

Now, get a load of all the news and happenings on the horizon:

Double Under Workshop – Are you sick and tired of being a double under masochist?

Good news! We’ve received enough interest to forge ahead with the workshop tomorrow. It’s not too late to join! Head over HERE to claim your spot for this 1 hr workshop hosted by Beka TOMORROW at 11:15 am.

Maddie’s Maternity Leave – Tomorrow is Maddie’s last day before she leaves us to birth a human. We hope to have her back in some capacity around November. She wanted to share this with y’all:

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to my FitWit Fam! I have been overwhelmed and blessed by your support and generosity throughout my pregnancy. Thank you for your encouragement. Thanks for your patience and for using those stellar Fitwit listening skills when I could no longer demo prone swimmers or ab rockers… I will miss you all when I’m gone but will see you be back before we know it and ready to join you in some burpees! 

Team Games & Member Appreciation Party – Let the good times roll, ya’ll. And if that’s your jam, you’re going to love the FitWit TeamGames! It goes down in four weeks, so please gather up 3 or 4 other folks and prepare to do battle in a series of workouts and games throughout the morning.

Then, stay for a catered taco/burrito bar as we roll right into our member appreciation party. Fun for the whole family!

Whether or not you attend the FitWit Team Games on the morning of Aug 26, you’re still invited to our annual member appreciation party that starts around 11:30 am. We’ll shower you with tacos, burritos, beer and so much more. Family welcome. Stay tuned for an official FB invite so we can get a head count.

FitWit Kids is back in action! – Our kids program will be back to its full strength schedule starting the week of August 6. AND, we’ll be doing free workouts that week for anyone who has yet to try out FitWit Kids. Sign up here. Please spread the word. Thanks!

Monthly Challenge – Mobility challenge raffle winner for July is Jennifer Ml! Hope you are feeling like a well-oiled machine, Jennifer 🙂 Go get you one of the groovy black tanks!

Next up for August are your beloved kettlebell swings. GOAL: 1200 high-quality kettlebell swings in the month of August. AND at least 12 times over the course of the month, complete 10 reps of each of the following 3 drills BEFORE doing your kettlebell swings for the day. These drills are designed to help you start in the best position possible, get in a better hinge position and be more explosive in your swing.

  1. Kettlebell Deadlift
  2. Band Pull Throughs
  3. The Hike

Fine print: kettlebell swings programmed in the workouts do NOT count toward your monthly total. As always, record your awesomeness on the whiteboard!

Yoga add-on? – We’re partnering with Seviin yoga to give you 5 classes/month for only $30. Here are the details:

  1. Though it will say a 3 month minimum on the Seviin yoga site, this is a month to month trial to make sure it works for you. FitWit will be paying Seviin each month and we’ll get a bulk discount rate. So, you’ll pay the $30/month to FitWit by going to our Mindbodyaccount here.(Obviously this is a really good deal, but know that it’s only available to you so long as you’re a FitWit member. Please don’t share this link with non-FitWit members 🙂
  2. Once you’ve done step one, go here to theSeviin siteand select the “5 classes per month” membership option. Create an account with Seviin and go to checkout. At checkout, use coupon code “FitWit” to have it discounted to “$0.00” You should be able to click a button that says something like “Use my account credit” to check out instead of putting in a credit card with them.
  3. Go to a yoga class!

Nutritious Nuggets – When trying to create a healthy balanced meal, you don’t have to overthink it – especially when you are first starting out. When whipping up your next plate at home or even ordering out take a look at these visual aids and try to make your meal look similar. This practice requires no counting and is very straightforward and simple to implement into a daily routine!

Fat loss or muscle gain goal? –That’s why we use an Inbody machine instead of a regular old scale AND anyone can get tested every Wed or Sat. You will know:

  • your body fat percentage
  • total body fat in pounds
  • lean body mass/ muscle
  • total body water content
  • basal metabolic rate – tells you how many calories your body burns at rest in a 24 hour period.
  • segmental body fat – how much fat in body segments (left arm, trunk, etc).
  • visceral body fat – the deep belly organ fat that can be an indicator for certain health complications like diabetes and heart disease.

If you have a fat loss or muscle gain goal, this test will give you some valuable data to help you refine your plan and maximize success. All FitWit members save a little cash too by signing up here with the coupon codes below:

  • For 1 test, use coupon code “muscle”
  • For the 2 pack, use “muscle2”
  • For the 4 pack, use “muscle3”


8/4 – FREE Workout – 9 am at the Skatepark

8/4 – Double Under Workshop – 11:15 am at O4W Gym

8/25 – FitWit Team Games & Member Appreciation Party