Eat Fit Challenge Results! (Jan – Feb 2017)

From Coach Maddie . . .

The Eat Fit Challenge results are in! And we have a winning team! First, know you are all rock stars. You worked with your teammates to create healthy meals together, you were intentional about building healthier habits and you held each other accountable. Congrats to all of you! Several of you have reported increased energy and just “all around feeling better.” That’s what it’s all about.

The overall results are outstanding. The average fat loss, for all 43 finishers over 6 weeks, was 141 pounds, that’s almost 3 ½ pounds of fat loss per person.  In addition to fat loss there was over 35 pounds of lean muscle gained throughout the group.  Great work y’all!

Everyone kicked off the challenge with a bang by preparing healthy meals with your teammates. This was the first time we had a team meal prep as part of the challenge and you all did not disappoint. Our Facebook page was flooded with pictures of your delicious eats from soups, chili, baked veggies and even challenge approved desserts. As many of you learned during this challenge having healthy food on hand at all times can really help you stay on track and avoid temptation.

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Later in the challenge we focused on building healthier habits such as getting more sleep, drinking more water and eating more protein. Many of you focused on getting more sleep. One participate focused on getting eight hours of sleep a night said,

“I have felt so much more energized with more sleep and more focused!”

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Another participant chose the healthy habit of moving more outside of FitWit classes said,

“It’s given me a little happiness boost to spend some time outside, explore my neighborhood, and feel like I’m making progress towards my goals.”

Before we get to announcing the winners let’s review what was required of the winning team. Our metrics for winning are based on two things. First, a decrease in body fat percentages of your team based on The Dunk Truck tests before and after. However, it was not all about the body fat lost. Secondly, each team was required to participate in the meal prep challenge as well as participate in building a healthy habit and sharing it with the group.  As you can see on the Eat Fit. Facebook page everyone did an awesome job.  Many participants stated they enjoyed working with their teammates and really felt accountable to each other. As one team said,

“A team who drinks together wins together”

pic 3

And the winning team is…drum roll please…

Meridith Yancey, Jennifer Cline, and Sharon Byrd

These women are members of the Kirkwood gym. Meridith Yancey has been a studio member for almost a year. She religiously attends TRX classes and trains hard to compete in triathlons.  Jennifer Cline became a part of the FitWit family this past December and has been dedicated to her workouts and always gives great effort in the gym. Sharon Byrd was part of the FitWit fam back when we still met outside for camp and we are happy she came back to be a part of the team last November. Sharon give it her all in every workout and with a smile on her face.

As a team they improved their body fat by a total of 12.4 percentage points, lost a total of 39 pounds in body fat, and gained over 17 pounds of muscle. Wowza great work team! All of these ladies report feeling “energized” and “plan to keep it up.”

As the winning team these ladies will receive a $200 Bliss Spa gift certificate and a 4 course dinner with champagne at their home with their team members served by Chef Kev with K-Squared Meals.

We have heard from many of you who have seen not just physical results but also overall improvement in their health. Reported results such as better sleep, decreased inflammation, more energy throughout the day, feeling stronger during their workouts, and decreased sugar cravings. That is a lot to be proud of!

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Join our Facebook group, Eat Fit, to engage more on these topics and to stay accountable. Great work team!