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10 Min TEMPO Strength + 15 Min KB Complex w/ KB Swing Starter

Monday, March 1

10 Min TEMPO Strength + 15 Min KB Complex w/ KB Swing Starter

STARTER:  5-8 Min. KB Swing Teaching/Review:

10 MIN. TEMPO STRENGTH:  5 RNDS, alternating Squats and Push Ups = 10 min.

Squat Progression:

  • 5 Rounds:  6 reps 3/2/1/0 Tempo, :24 sec rest

Push Up Progression: (hands elevated/negatives > partial depth > full depth > weighted)

  • 5 rounds:   6 reps 3/2/1/0 Tempo (Newbies/B: 5 reps, then hold high plank for last rep), :24 sec rest

“Swing Down the Ladder” KB Complex – 15 Min. to complete

  • Reps (each side) of each exercise:  1x*2x*3x*4x*5x*5x*4x*3x*2x*1x

  • *10x KB Swings between each rung of the ladder R(53+/45+) W(45+/35+) B(35+/20+)

  • For Complex: R(53+/40+) W(40+/35+) B(35+/25+)

  • Early finishers:  parking lot loop or Leyden St. run


  • KB Bent Row

  • Single Arm Clean

  • Offset Racked SB Lunge (if these needs to be BW, switch order to put SB lunge first, then row/clean/press)

  • Single Arm Push Press


1x Row R, 1x Clean R, 1x SB lunge, 1x Push Press R, 1x Row L, 1 x Clean L, 1x SB Lunge, 1x Push Press L

10x Swings

2x Row R, 2x Clean R, 2x SB Lunge, 2x Push Press R, 2 x Row R, 2x Clean L, 2x SB Lunge, 2x Push Press L

10x Swings

3x Row R, 3x Clean R, etc…`


Monday, March 1
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