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30 Minute Partner Running Stations + 4 Min Finisher

Monday, August 2

30 Minute Partner Running Stations + 4 Min Finisher

– As Partner 1 runs, Partner 2 does an exercise(s) until they come back. Then partners switch and repeat.

– Run: B: Parking lot loop, W: Parking lot + cut through OM loop  R: parking lot + full OM loop (**this run should take 1:30-2:00 min. at a quick pace!)

  •    NON-RUNNERS: 2 min. Bike @ 300+/200+ watts

– When partners finish all 5 rounds before 30 minutes, start back at the top.

1st Run Exercise:  8x TRX Chest Press, rest, repeat [AMRAP until partner returns]

2nd Run Exercise:  Max Active Plank Hold  -> High Plank Clock

3rd Run Exercise:   8x (E.S.) Stepback Lunge R: 5x Skater Squat, rest, repeat [AMRAP until partner returns]

 4th Run Exercise:  5x (E.S.) Supine Leg Lowers  [AMRAP until partner returns]

5th Run Exercise:  5x each Prone Y’s/Prone T’s/Prone W’s [AMRAP until partner returns]

4 Min. Finisher:  Partner Calf/Tibial Raises

  • P1:  Calf Raises (BW or holding KB)

  • P2:  Tibial Raises (back leaning against wall)

  • Switch every :30 sec, running clock for 4 minutes.  Quick switches!!


Monday, August 2
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