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3×8 Minutes Partner KB Flow Stations

Friday, April 12

3×8 Minutes Partner KB Flow Stations…

8 Minute Interval Clock :45/:15 Alternating with Partner on KB Flow and Active Recovery Core Move

  • Repeat the Flow for :45 before switching with your partner.

  • Challenge the Weights that we can flow with.

  • 1 – :90 Rest BTWN Staions


Station 1:

Partner 1: KB Flow 1-  R:(45+/35+) W:(35+/25+) B:(25+/20+)

1x Clean on Right

1x Racked Stepback Lunge on Right

1x Push Press on Right

1x Clean on Left

1x Racked Stepback Lunge on Left

1x Push Press on Left

Partner 2: Core



Station 2:

Partner 1: KB Flow 2 – R:(53+/40+) W:(45+/35+) B:(30+/25+)

1x Straight Leg DL

1x Goblet Squats

1x Goblet Press/Push Press

Partner 2: Core

Hollow Hold


Station 3:

Partner 1: KB Flow 3 – R:(40+/30+) W:(30+/25+) B:(20+/15+)

1x Half Kneeling Halo Right

1x Half Kneeling Chop Right

1x Half Kneeling Spilt Squat Right

1x Half Kneeling Halo Left

1x Half Kneeling Chop Left

1x Half Kneeling Split Squat Left

Partner 2: Core

Superman Hold B: Cobra Press Up


Group Finisher:

4 Min Glute Med Leg Lifts: 2 RNDS each side alternating each min on a :20/:10 Clock


Friday, April 12
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2191 College Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30317 United States
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