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Old 4th Ward


Thursday, October 29

Complete the prescribed reps on ONE side, then repeat on the other side, working your way all down the ladder by decreasing reps. After the full ladder of KB strength exercise has been performed on each side, complete 20 reps of secondary movement and choose a shake up before moving down the board.

[Ex. Do 6 KB Suitcase step back lunge on L, then 6 reps on R, 5 reps on the L, 5 reps on the R, all the way down to 2 reps on L and 2 reps on R and THEN 20 Hip Bridge Raises to a Shake Up of your choice]  


1 KB Suitcase Step Back Lunge (with knee drive) Ladder → 20 Hip Bridge Raises → Shake up 

1 KB Floor Press Ladder → 20 Pushups → Shake up

1 KB Single leg Hip Bridge Raise Ladder → 20 KB Swings → Shake up

1 KB Clean and Press Ladder → 20 KB Alt Halos (mod: Prone OH Press) → Shake up

1 KB Bent Over Row Ladder → 20 Scapula Push ups → Shake up


Shake up option: 30 Banded Bicep Curls (@home: Goblet Bicep Curls) / 30 Banded Kneeling Tricep Extension (@home: Coffee Table Dips) / 30 Bicycle Crunches (per side) / 30 Side Plank Hip Dips (per side)


Thursday, October 29
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Old 4th Ward
828 Ralph McGill Blvd NE Suite W4
Atlanta, GA 30306 United States
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