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Claire’s MOTM Workout: “Cardio Forward” (32 Min Time Cap) 

Friday, August 19

Claire’s MOTM Workout: “Cardio Forward” (32 Min Time Cap) 

R: 4 RNDs / W: 4 RNDs / B: 3 RNDs 

  • Run R: Full OM Loop  W: OM Cut Through Loop  B: Parking Lot Loop (Non-Impact: 1:30 Bike @ 350+/250+)
  • 6x TRX Tricep Press 
  • 8x (E.S.) MB Step Back Lunges (BW) 
  • 10x Straight Leg Situps R: MB/KB
  • 12x MB Thrusters R: Wall Ball 
  • 14x Bicep Curls 

Finish each round with ONE of the following (member’s choice):

  • 4x through Agility Ladder: Ickey Shuffle 
  • 100 Jump Rope Singles / 40 Double Unders
  • 12x Burpee Progression 


Early Finisher AMRAP

5x (E.S.) Birddogs

10x (E.S.) Quadruped Glute Kickbacks 

10x (E.S.) Side Lying Adductor Leg Lifts 

20x (E.S.) Glute Med Leg Lifts


Friday, August 19
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