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Interval Training: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Saturday, January 25

Shoulder Prehab: 6 Minutes to Complete 

Supine Eccentric Shoulder Flexion with Dowel  

  • 10 reps with a 5 second lower – Cue Breathing
  • Use Black Sled Handles.  

Sidelying Trio 

  • Weight: Mini 3 lbs Dumbbells 
  • Flexion (RPE 6/10) 10-12 Reps 
  • Abduction (RPE 8/10) 12-15 Reps 
  • External Rotation (RPE 10/10) 15-20+ Reps 


Interval Training: Rock, Paper, Scissors

4x 5 Min Med Ball Circuit  :30/exercise on a continuously running clock 

-MB Toe Taps

-MB Alternating Step Back Lunge 

-MB Press Outs (from chest, pause for 2 counts out)

-Kneeling MB Slams

-MB Lateral Squats 

-MB Kneeling Halos

-MB Plank Reaches

-MB Squats

-MB Lateral Toe Taps

– :30 Rest (Find Partner for Rock Paper Scissors) 


Immediately following each round members play rock, paper, scissors – best 2 of 3. Winner chooses between doing 10 jumping jacks or 5 burpees (Stop at High Plank Burpees), and the loser does other exercise. Repeat after each RND, find a new partner each time.


Saturday, January 25
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