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Pure Strength Blocks

Monday, September 28

Pure Strength Blocks “I Go, You Go”: 30 Minutes to Complete All Blocks 

P1: KB Lift

P2: Active Recovery aka Filler Move 


Start with and then Between Each Block:

10 x Goblet Cleans


A Block: 4 RNDS (Partners Alternate Moves)

1A: 8x (ES) Split Squat Progression (BW–Weighted)

2A: 3x Rounds  (ES) Balance Drill 


B Block: 4 RNDS (Partners Alternate Moves)

1B: 5x (ES) Single Leg Deadlift  (BW–Weighted)

2B: 5x (ES) Adductor Rocks 


C Block: 4 RNDS (Partners Alternate Moves)

1C: 5x (ES) Bent Over Row 

2C: 5x (ES)  Prone Shoulder Lift Offs  


Finisher: If you have time remaining post Blocks 

  • Take a walk or jog around parking lot (Keeping Safe Distance) 


Monday, September 28
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