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Friday, June 12

STRENGTH ROUNDS:  30 Min to Complete Number of Rounds


The Why: Focus on our major functional movement patterns with a chance to build strength in those patterns.  The goal is to challenge your progression.  Do not rush through the work, build in rest.  Slow movements down to make them more challenging with tempo work.


White: 4 Rounds  Red: 5 Rounds  B: 3 Rounds

** Rest as much as you need. Try to complete your number of rounds in the 30 minute time window


If you can’t grab a Kettle Bell from the gym, no worries. The workouts can still work without equipment or by using a household item. Think about heavy bags, water jugs, etc. Be creative but safe!


  1. Knee Dominate: 8x (Each Side) Stepback Lunge or Skater Squat ( BW–Weighted)

  2. Push:  6x (Each Side) 1 Arm Floor Press (DB or KB)

    1. Non-Equipment: 10x Push Ups  (Negatives -> Yoga Block/Boggle Box -> Tennis Ball)

  3. Hip Dominate: 6x (Each Side) Single Leg Deadlift Progression (Assisted — BW Reaching –Weighted)

  4. Pull: 8x (Each Side) KB Bent Row or Use Item from home i.e. Gallon Jug Non-Equipment Option:  12x Prone Press

  5. Core: 6x (Each Side) Bird Dog


  • Once you finish your number of rounds if there is time left go for a walk around the block.


Friday, June 12
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