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Tempo Strength + Tabata Mash Up

Wednesday, July 15

The Why: Starting off the day with Tempo strength.  This will have many benefits besides just normal strength training.  The main goal here is building time under tension. This idea is what most point to as the ability to build strong tendons and help bulletproof the joint.  This slow controlled movement also helps us hammer home good movement patterns. We must be able to control a movement before we add intensity (speed and weight).

There are many reasons to use tempo training. Here’s just a brief list: * Improved body awareness. * Improved control of lifts. * Development of connective tissue strength. * Improved stability.   * Focus on muscular elements versus tendinous elements (a slow, controlled motion is going to place more stress on the muscles, whereas a bouncy or ballistic motion will place more stress on the tendons, etc.).” 

Closing out the day continuing to build strength using time under tension with a 16 min. KB ISO Flow.  If using an appropriate weight this should get sweaty and challenging fast!


12 Minute Tempo Strength: 

1 Minute Rest BTWN  Push Up & Single Leg Deadlift   

Push Up Progression:  TEMPO 3/1/1/0  R: Tennis Ball Depth/Weighted W: Yoga Block Depth B: Hands Elevated or Negatives (down for :3 sec/hold for :1 sec/drop to knees and press up for :1 sec)  **When form starts to fail, regress the progression!!

  • 5 RNDS:  6 Reps On 3/1/1/0 Tempo = :30 Work / :30 Rest = 30 Reps Total 

Bodyweight Reaching Single Leg Deadlift Progression: (Assisted – BW Reaching): TEMPO 3/1/1/0 

  • 4 RNDS:  5 Reps On 3/1/1/0 Tempo = :25 Work / :5 Switch Sides / :25 Work  = 20 Reps Total
  • **No rest between rounds – keep clock running


Followed By: 

16 Min Tabata Mash Up: :20/:10×2 = 4 ROUNDS

  • Min 1: Lateral Squat Progression: (BW–Goblet) (Alt Sides each :20/:10) 
  • Min 2: Suitcase March: (Alt Sides each :20/:10) 
  • Min 3: KB Bent Row: (Alt Sides each :20/:10) 
  • Min 4: Skip In Place Non-Impact Fast March



Wednesday, July 15
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