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Old 4th Ward

The Interval Ladder

Wednesday, November 4

The Interval Ladder

5 x RNDS with various lengths / 1-min rest between each RND 


R1: :45/:45 R2: :30/:30 R3 :20/:20 R4: :30/:30 R5: :45/:45


With no rest b/t exercises, we are working our way down the board alternating b/t a dynamic exercise and an isometric hold where we are focusing on active recovery maintaining steady breathing under maximum amount of tension. We take 1 min of rest b/t rounds 


KB Bent over Row and Chair Pose 


Push Ups and Hollow Body Hold 


Lateral bounds and Plank


KB DL High Pull and Superhero Hold


GrassHoppers and Banded Squat hold (Adv: Banded Overhead Squat Hold) 

Banded Side Steps and Banded Hip Bridge Hold


Wednesday, November 4
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Old 4th Ward
828 Ralph McGill Blvd NE Suite W4
Atlanta, GA 30306 United States
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