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Old 4th Ward

The Kohler Effect 

July 29, 2019

The Kohler Effect 


Campers will get together in teams of 3. 1 Partner will work on a prescribed number of reps, 1 partner will be working on a core exercise, 1 camper will be resting . Once Partner 1 is done the team rotates through until they reach the total rep count of 4 sets each (on the 5 rep exercises 8 sets) 


Switch every 5 Reps (8 sets)

1P: KB Headcutters 

2P: Down Dog Toe Touches

3P: Plank   


Switch every 10 Reps (4 sets) 

1P: Renegade Rows (total) (DB or KB) 

2P: Squat Jumps

3P: Hip Bridge March


Switch every 5 Reps (8 sets)

1P: Power Wall Balls ( As high as possible and let the ball fall / do not attempt to catch) 

2P: Mtn Jacks 

3P: Hollow Hold 


Switch every 10 Reps (4 sets)

1P: MB Tricep Push Ups (Both hands on the ball) (Mod:JG Tricep Presses)

2P: Speed Jacks

3P: Roll Ups 



July 29, 2019
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Old 4th Ward
828 Ralph McGill Blvd NE Suite W4
Atlanta, GA 30306 United States
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