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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Tempo Strength + Travelers Delight

O4W Week Of Workouts

3 x 10 min AMRAP

O4W Week Of Workouts

Rowing Assessment 1,250m + AMRAP

Unilateral Strength

O4W Week Of Workouts


Go Get HiiT

O4W Week Of Workouts

Strength Assessment: 2KB Double Kneeling Strict Press + Rowing Relay

The Teddy P.

O4W Week Of Workouts

“March of Dimes”

FitWit February First Friday Funday  

O4W Week Of Workouts



30 Minute AMRAP

Tempo Strength and Round for Round

Tempo Strength + EMOM


Interval Training: Running Tabata

HIIT Hop, the HIITY, the HIITY to the HIIT HIIT Hop You Don’t Stop!

3 x 10 Min Stations

Strength Mtn

4 x 6 min Partner Stations

The Interval Ladder

Interval Training: 3 x 7 Minute Rounds


4 x 7 min EMOMs

Strength Assessment + Bike Relay

10 cal Bike Assessment

Team Wall Ball/Burpee Challenge

Disappearing Act

Interval Training: Strength/Cardio/Core

Couplets Then AMRAP

Tempo Strength + Tabata Mash Up

The Octagon

2x 12 Min EMOM + Team Game: Jeopardy

The Disappearing Act


4×7 Minute Partner Ladders

3 x 10 min Stations

Tempo Strength + KB Complex

The Descent

Interval Training: 5×4 Minute RNDS

Groupies, One muscle group at a time

2 x 14 Minute AMRAPS

Partner Strength 5 x 5 I go, you go

Rowing Assessment: 2,000m

Team Wall Ball/Burpee Challenge

Interval Training: 4 Stations


Chipper Monday

Partner Tempo Strength + Circuit

2K Row :)

Intervals & E.M.O.M.S

HIIT: 5 Rounds of 4:30 Minutes Work / 90 sec Rest Between Rounds

Interval Training: 4 Stations

Partner Strength Endurance

Stations: Strength + AMRAP

FitWit Wheel of Destiny: 4 x 8 min stations

Down The Ladder: “How far can you get”

Interval Training

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