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Calendar of Events
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Pure Unilateral Strength Blocks

The Weekend Hangover

Interval Training: 5×4 Minute RNDS

Traveling AMRAP + HIIT

Ready Player 1

Classic Strength + KB Conditioning

Tempo Strength + 20 Min EMOM

Zero to Ninety

Interval Training: 3 x 9 minute Circuits


Strength Rounds

Round and Round and Round

ESD  (Energy System Development): Pure Conditioning

Pure Conditioning

Interval Training: Running Tabata

4 Times Through

3 x 10 Min Stations

Slow Strength & Mobility

Partner Stations:

The Team Sandwich

Interval Training: Rock, Paper, Scissors


Strength Assessment: The Pull Up + 20 Min Tabata Mash Up

5 x 6 min stations

Camper Named: The Ken M. A.K.A “The Professor”  

The O4W 500 (Record score)

Interval Training: 4 RNDS

15 Minute AMRAP + Tabata

Tempo Strength + 15 Min EMOM Lower Body/ Jumping Focus

Strength Ladder

Sprint Conditioning Assessments + Partner Pause Rep Ladders

3 x 10 min Partner Stations

Interval Training:  One muscle group at a time


From Dusk till Dawn (original name: The Dawn)

Tempo Strength + Tabata KB ISO Flow

Partner Team Competition

Track Workout

Disappearing ladder

Interval Training:  3×9 Minute Circuits

Triple Threat

The Fountain of Youth! & Soccer Mama aka The Amy Hair 

The Price Is Right

Sprint Conditioning Assessments + AMRAP

Interval Training: 3×7 Minutes Circuits


ESD: Pure Conditioning

Time Keeper

The Ratt Race


Interval Training: Strength/Cardio/Core

Partner HIIT 6 min Rounds / 1 min rest b/t rounds 

2x 15 Minute Stations

2 X 15 min stations

Round It Out 

Strength Rounds: 30 Minute Time Cap

Interval Training: 4 x 6 min EMOM 

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