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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Movement Monday: Shoulder Stability / Press

10 Min TEMPO Strength + 15 Min KB Complex w/ KB Swing Starter

Factory Hustle

Interval Training 3 x 8 Minute Rounds w/ Glute Med Leg Lift Starter

Sol-HIIT (solid) Core

2 x 15 Minute E.M.O.M.s

Carries/ Strength/ Glutes+

4 Compound Superset Stations – 25 Minutes + 6 Min Conditioning Finisher

Baby Ladders

5 x 5 Min.Circuits:  1 Round Rowing, 4 Rounds BW Strength/Core Circuit 

Interval Training: “ALOTTA TABATA”:  3 Stations + Sally Squats Finisher


Movement Monday: Balance / Knee and Hip Stability 

Interval Training: 3 x 8 Min. Stations

Rise and Grind (2021 version)

10Min. TEMPO Strength + 16Min Tabata KB ISO Flow w/ 4Min Conditioning Finisher

Hold It, Now HIIT It  (all Beastie Boys playlist) 

“I Go, You Go” – 30 Min Partner Strength Blocks

Super-Set (30 min)

30Min Partner Running Stations

Friday EMOM

EMOM Day – 12Min Power + 16Min Strength

Interval Training: Tour Of The Pyramids


Assessment: Max Hand Release Push Ups

2 x 15 Min QUALITY Strength AMRAPs

Assessment: Max Hollow Hold

Assessment: Max Goblet Squats 

Tabata Circuit & Running (6 x 4Min Rounds ) w/ 4min Glute Med Leg Lift Starter

30 Min EMOM Day – 6 Moves x 5 Rounds

Assessment: Max Plank Hold

2 x 16 Min. Stations: ESD (Energy System Development) & Bodyweight Circuit

Assessment: Max Overhead Strict Press

10Min. TEMPO Strength + 20Min. Tabata. Mashup

Interval Training: The Disappearing Act



Interval Training: 4 x 6min Stations (Strength/Cardio/Core) with Sidelying Trio Starter


E.M.O.M. Day: 9min. Power + 20min. Strength

The Sax Power Hour 

Interval Training: 3 x 8min. rounds – w/ Glute Med Leg Lift Starter


10 Min. Tempo Strength + 15min. Partner Slamball /Jump Rope Ladder + Sally Plank Plank Finisher

PJ’s Metabolic Cooker

“The Package Deal”:  M.O.T.M. Workout for Kerry & Terry J.! – 3 x 8 Min. E.M.O.M. Stations + Hip CARs Mobility Starter

Interval Training: 4x5min MB Circuits w/ Rock, Paper, Scissors


Movement Monday: Pull / Grip

E.M.O.M. DAY (Every Minute on The Minute) 9min Power EMOM + 16min Strength EMOM + 6min Conditioning Finisher

Triple Run

Interval Training: March Madness Shake Up! – 4 x 7 Min. Rounds

Switch the Tempo

10 MIN. TEMPO Strength + 15Min. KB Complex

Double Up (the Classic)

Grounded Flight – 30 Min Partner Strength Workout: “I Go, You Go”

3 x 8 min EMOMs

INTERVAL TRAINING:  3 x 8 Min. Stations

Interval Training:  3 x 9 minute Circuits

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