February Kirkwood Member of the Month – Meredith P

Y’all, did you know Meredith has been FitWitting for 8 years?! She’s a FitWit staple, a beloved member of our community and wonderful mom/wife/friend/human. Aaaand, she’s our February Member of the Month because even after 8 years, she’s still hitting personal records. She also participated in both Feb rowing events – the ERG Sprints and Cool Rowings. If you don’t know her, fix that pronto!

Hometown: Conyers, GA

Age: It’s just a number, right?  45

Occupation: Event Coordinator for Compass Rose Events

First FitWit class (date): March 2010

Tell us about any sports & fitness background:

I played Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball.  I played Soccer for 2 years at Anderson University in Anderson, SC.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting FitWit?

When I started, I had just had my 1st child and just wanted to lose weight.  That has evolved after continuing through my 2nd pregnancy and after into being the best version of myself, right now.  The strength I have now, not just physical but mental and emotional, it gets me through the day.  I’ve trimmed pounds, inches, fat and gained muscle.  Improved workout times and working on the mental capacity in workouts.  I’ve successfully run 4 – ½ Marathons, several 5k’s, hundreds of miles with lady friends, become a proficient rower (Finished 4th overall at the recent Erg Sprints in my age group) and have the confidence to take on any challenges life throws my way.  I’m a constant work in progress!

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like FitWit that were totally unexpected?

I’ve gained a tribe of people, who I know will be friends for life.  The support from the FitWit community is rival to none.  The mental benefits enable me to a better Person, Mom, Wife, Friend and Person.  I just keep showing up every day.  FitWit is one of my best habits.

Why do you FitWit? So many reasons, but I love the escape from whatever is going on in life that day.  Strength, Cardio, I can challenge myself to be better than yesterday, Friend time, be a role model to my daughters and a fantastic community, to name a few.

Favorite workouts? We used to do a lot of Timed workouts so those are: “Sandwich”, “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary”, Lunge for your life.  I really like it all but especially anything with Kettlebells, Ropes, Squats, Lunges, TRX, Rowing, Air Bike and Tabata. LOL!

Least favorite workouts? Any Running Assessments (so mental) or 100 Burpees for Time (again, it’s a mental competition with myself). OY!

Words to describe you: Thoughtful, Kind, Silly, Goofy, Loyal and a Feminist.

Any favorite FitWit moments?  I like Team Week, Playing games at the end of workouts, monthly challenges, the food/coat drive, anything we do that raises dollars and awareness for Charity and of course The FitWit games, FW Field Day, Banquets, Socials.  I see a trend here.

Fitness Goals? I have an injured foot with Plantar Fasciitis right now, so not being able to run lately is wearing on me.  I just have let my body heal on it’s on schedule but getting back out running soon, a Stronger core, Consistent Toe Pushups and Red r/x in workouts. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, better at pushing past the mental obstacles in workouts and believing I can do hard things.

Words to live by (Favorite Quote)? “Well behaved Women Seldom Make History” and “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” “Believe in Yourself” My motto for 2018.

Something cool we don’t know about you? I’ve lived at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon for a summer and in a ski town in Winter Park, Colorado for several years.

Anything else you’d care to share? I love hugs, sleeveless shirts, stickers on my water bottles and high fives.