FitWit O4W Tuesday 10/2 – Suicide Squad

Tuesday 10/2

Suicide Squad (Skate Park Workout)

3 min Rounds with 2 min rest b/t rounds for 5 rounds

Start under the awning / Sprint to the cone 1 (about 15 meters out) and back pedal back / Sprint to cone 2 (30 meters away) and back pedal back / Sprint to cone 3 (45 meters out) and backpedal back / Sprint to cone 4 all the way up the little hill and the end of the hill and SPRINT BACK (no backpedal on the last run)  then do as many burpees as you can

Blue: Sprint and back pedal to cone 1 and 2 then sprints to cone 3 and sprints back. Then as many burpees as possible the rest of the 3 min.