FitWit Team Games – Saturday, August 25, 2018

FitWit Team Games – Saturday, August 25, 2018
START TIME: 9:00am
LOCATION: FitWit O4W (828 Ralph McGill Blvd. Atlanta, Ga 30306)

FitWit Team Games
is a fun-filled day of old school field day activities mixed with some newer games, FitWit workouts and a few surprises. Teams of 4-5 compete in a series of challenges to be crowned FitWit Games Champion.

The actual event consists of old school field day games with a FitWitty twist. In some events, you’ll choose the participants, while other events will require the whole team.

Here’s what people had to say from previous years:

“It was the stuff of dreams. Well organized. Amazing events. Buckets of fun. I can’t seem to wipe this smile from my face. ”

“Unbelievable! $20 to be on a team? I would have spent well over $22.50 for this amazing experience.”

“Mind. Blown. You know, you read about having this much fun, but I guess I never really thought it was possible . . . until now. The unfortunate thing is that now everything else in the world has lost a little of that shine. Everything seems a little dull and muted when I compare it to the amount of fun I had at the Team Games.”

Check out the 2017 recap here.

Your entry fee gets you:

  • An action-packed morning with workouts and games in a competition for the coveted championship.
  • Memories. Sweet, sweaty memories that will last a lifetime . . . or at least until the following day.
  • A shot at FitWit immortality – to etch your name in the history books of the FitWit Games.

AND, there’s a bonus contest for the BEST team uniform/costume.

So, gather your FitWit friends and decide on a team name.
Teams must be made up of 4-5 people. Each member must sign up below and then email [email protected] to indicate which team you’re on.

No team? No problem.
Fill out the form anyway and we’ll get you on a team. Email [email protected] and let her know you’re a free agent.

UPDATE – We’re going to change the format a bit and make this a shorter event that is free to attend. Stay tuned on how to sign up. Thanks!