FitWit Team Games – Saturday, August 28, 2021

FitWit Team Games – Saturday, August 28, 2021
START TIME: 10:00am
LOCATION: FitWit Decatur

FitWit Team Games
is a fun-filled event mixed with some field day games and mini FitWit workouts. Teams of 4-6 compete in a series of challenges to be crowned FitWit Games Champion.

In some events, you’ll choose the participants, while other events will require the whole team. If you’re nervous that this sounds like a lot of work, don’t be! You don’t have to do every event and your team can share the load.

Here’s what people had to say from previous years:

“It was the stuff of dreams. Well organized. Amazing events. Buckets of fun. I can’t seem to wipe this smile from my face. ”

“Unbelievable! $20 to be on a team? I would have spent well over $22.50 for this amazing experience.”

“Mind. Blown. You know, you read about having this much fun, but I guess I never really thought it was possible . . . until now. The unfortunate thing is that now everything else in the world seems a little dull and muted when I compare it to the amount of fun I had at the Team Games.”

Your entry fee gets you:

  • An action-packed morning with workouts and games in a competition for the coveted championship (hint – we’ll reveal that there is an event with a basketball and there’s also an ERG event).
  • Memories. Sweet, sweaty memories that will last a lifetime . . . or at least until the following day.
  • A big heart – net proceeds go to the Decatur Education Foundation which will help scholarship kids into our youth programs
  • A shot at FitWit immortality – to etch your name in the history books of the FitWit Games.

AND, there’s a bonus contest for the BEST team uniform/costume.

The video below is from 2014, but it still stands the test of time . . . although the 2021 version is less workout and more games.

So, gather your FitWit friends and decide on a team name. Sign up here!

No team? No problem. Fill out the form anyway and we’ll get you on a team as a free agent.