FitWit Weekly News: 9/22

Hey team,

I’m back in action today after some time at the beach. We’ve only got a few news items this week, so I’ll get right to it.

Sunday Social – Hope to see you on Sunday at Bessie Branham. Bring a lunch, a kickball, football, basketball, kids, dogs and whatever else you need to have a good time. 11:30 – 1:00 pm. Get home just in time to watch the Falcons or, if you’re looking for a new team, use that time to go shopping for some Cleveland Browns gear.

September Pullup Challenge – Lots ‘o pull up goals ‘round these parts. If you really truly honestly want to get a pull-up, then it’s never too late for you to take on this challenge. Sure – you won’t get it done by the end of the month but, who cares! It’s about the pullup, not the free shirt! 😉  

GOAL: Complete the following 15-20 min session for 8 total sessions (2/week):

  1. Band Shoulder Work.  Video 1:  Video 2
  2. 1-minute active hang from a bar. Keep your shoulders pulled into their sockets. This is important because it’s going to prepare all the muscles of your shoulder girdle that will later help you pull yourself up while strengthening your grip.
  3. If you can not complete a Pull-Ups, then 3×5 TRX Pull Up. Rest as needed to keep good form (at least 1 minute between sets). If you can complete 5+ Unbroken Strict Pull Ups: 3 Sets of Max Reps. Rest as needed to keep good form (at least 1 minute between sets).
  4. 3 Sets of 5 Negatives. Rest as needed to keep good form (at least 1 minute between sets)

Fat loss or muscle gain goal? – If you have a fat loss or muscle gain goal, the InBody test will give you some valuable data to help you refine your plan and maximize success. All FitWit members save a little cash too by signing up here with the coupon codes that are in your weekly news email.


9/23 – FitWit Picnic at Bessie Branham Park

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Enjoy your weekend!