FitWit Weekly News – 9/8/18

Happy Friday!

It’s a light week in the FitWit News department this week, but I did get an email from a relatively new member that I’d like to share. Bethann F started with us about 3 months ago, and like many of you, experienced a challenging first few weeks. But, good things happen if you simply show up and try hard, no matter what your level, and Bethann proves that point. That’s why we talk so much about staying in your own lane and celebrating your own accomplishments – even the seemingly silly ones! Bethann wrote:

I am actually amazed at how much progress I have made in the past 3 months. I expected it to take longer to notice results.  I notice it every day, I feel stronger and healthier (my main goals) and can see my body changing in the mirror for sure. At the gym two silly things I noticed recently –  when I started, Ethan asked me to keep the bike at 300 watts.  I thought, “uh, no.”  I couldn’t even keep it at 200. But recently I was on the bike and looked down and I was at 250 and pushed myself to stay there!  And, even though this one is small – we were doing that move where you lift your leg over the yoga block.  I couldn’t even remotely do that my first week and assumed I still couldn’t. I gave it a try though and did it easily.  I was floored.  

 And though Bethann claims she’s still “the weakest in every class,” that doesn’t stop her from trying to get a little bit better every day. That’s what it’s all about!

Weekly news:

 Member Report – Some folks were too busy frolicking at the beach to realize that we sent a report on the member survey last week. Fear not – it’s attached again. And we now have a Keurig with free coffee all day, every day for members. And gym wipes too. And a bike rack is being shipped. And the floor scrubber is coming this weekend. Cheers!

 Did you see? – John Davis is our Member of the Month! Get to know him a bit better in this month’s profile.

FitWit Kids Classes – Sandybell and Renell are on fire with the FitWit Kids program. If you’ve got a kid or know a kid that could use a little FitWit, please go here to sign up for a free class. Ages 5 – 17. Fun for all!

Monthly Challenge – Congrats to our Aug KB swing raffle winner – Sarah ZB. Get you a shirt from Sandybell next time you’re in the gym.

Sept Challenge: Complete the following 20-min session for 8 total sessions (2/week):

  1. Band Shoulder Work Video 1:  Video 2
  2. 1-minute active hang from a bar. This means keeping your shoulders pulled into their sockets. This is important because it’s going to prepare all the muscles of your shoulder girdle that will later help you pull yourself up while strengthening your grip.
  3. If can not complete Pull Ups 3×5 TRX Pull Up. Rest as needed to keep good form (At least 1 Minute Between Sets). If you can complete 5+ Unbroken Strict Pull Ups: 3 Sets of Max Reps Rest as needed to keep good form (At least 1 Minute Between Sets).
  4. 3 Sets of 5 Negatives Rest as needed to keep good form (At least 1 Minute Between Sets) .

September 23 Social – We’re doing a Sunday picnic at Bessie Branham Park on Sept 23. Bring a lunch, a kickball, football, basketball, kids, dogs and whatever else you need to have a good time. 11:30 – 1:30 pm. You can leave in time to watch the Falcons v. Saints game . . . if you want. Otherwise, there’s still time to hop on the Cleveland Browns bandwagon. We’ll make room for you.

Fat loss or muscle gain goal? – If you have a fat loss or muscle gain goal, the InBody test will give you some valuable data to help you refine your plan and maximize success. All FitWit members save a little cash too by signing up here with the coupon codes in your weekly news email.


9/23 – FitWit Picnic at Bessie Branham Park

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