Friday April 27 – Ready Player 1 + Hermes Flag Run

Friday: 4/27

Finally Friday Finale

4 Points – Attendance Point, Spirit Point, Ready Player 1 Point, Hermes Flag Run Point

 Ready Player 1 (this will be part of team week and tracked track meet style)

20 Min – Teams of 4 – MOST meters wins!

Player 1: 10 Kneeling Med Ball Chops (5/side) , 10 Slam Ball, Repeat.

Player 2: ERG (To make it more accurate, set the time on monitor to 20 min)

Player 3: 10 JG Body Saws + 10 JG Knees to Chest (total), Repeat.

Player 4: Runner – 2 parking lot laps (time keeper)

  • Switch when runner returns from run


Hermes Flag Run: Each Team will have 3 running distances to cover with the FitWit flag, so divided each team into 3. They then have to choose which team runs what distance.

All runs will be done while carrying the big FitWit Flag. Once they complete their run, they pass on the flag to the next group of teammates running next. Team that finishes first wins.