Friday April 28th – 1 Mile Assessed RE-Test 3/27 + 10-1 Agility Ladders

Friday: 4/28 

1 Mile Assessed RE-Test 3/27 Run Big Loop: Normal Loop

  • Start at The Last Tree on College in Front of GYM 
  • Down College
  • Right on Park
  • Right on Leland
  • Right on Wisteria
  • Right on Rocky Ford
  • Right on College
  • Finish at FitWit Parking lot Driveway by Clifford

10-1 Agility Ladders “How Far Can You Go?”

– Med Ball Step Ups (Total)   

– Push Ups 

– Pull Ups (Yellow bar Rows) 

 Run Through Agility Course: Side Shuffle, Agility Ladder, Side Shuffle, Run 

– Back to 9 Reps of Each, Run Course, 8 Reps of Each,