Friday April 7th – Core & Rowing + Team Jeopardy

Friday: 4/7

Core & Running: 15 Mins

  • Row 250m Sprints followed by 
  • Core Options:
  • 15x Standing TRX Roll Out
  • L-Hang on Pull Up Bars :30 Adding up time count to 30 – Knees bent hang
  • Heavy 1KB Suitcase Carry  (70+,50+) 4x Touches (Down,Back,Down,Back) 
  • Overhead Carry (40+,30+) 4x Touches (Down,Back,Down,Back) 
  • Side Plank Options – WHITE: Side Plank Reach Throughs ON ground RED: Slow control Side Plank Reach Throughs in TRX :30 Sec holds each side BLUE: Hold side plank. 

10-15 Min Team Game: FitWit Jeopardy

– We split the gym in two.

– You pick the Rep count level question and category. 1-5 Questions for 5 Categories 5 Question Max.    

– If you get it right you get a point and the other team does the reps. If you get it wrong you do the reps and then other team gets to answer the question.