Friday August 17 – Thruster/Burpee Challenge + Team Race

Friday 8/17

Thruster/Burpee Challenge

Working with a partner who is doing the same color version in terms of BURPEE COUNT. Every minute on the minute, perform 8 reps of 2 KB Thrusters, then perform burpees for the remaining time.  Partners switch every MINUTE until they complete the prescribed # of burpees.

RED – 90/60, 100 Burpees

WHITE – 70/50, 80 Burpees

BLUE – 50+/30+, 60 Burpees


With remaining time, finish with a team game – working in teams of 3-4

The goal is to be the first team to get through all of these Team tasks in the fastest time. Teams move in order of the board.

– Team 400m Run to Blue Mailbox and Back – as soon as runners return, they can start chipping away at the jump rope total, even before all of their team has arrived.

– 1000 jump rope singles (everyone can jump at the same time)

– 1000m row: Switch every 250 meters

– MB Toss x 2 Parking Lot Laps (2 balls in play per team, team members switch every 3 throws)

– Finish with one parking lot lap of lunges: at least 2 lunging at a time, switching with teammates as needed.