Friday August 18 – Team Wall Ball/Burpee Challenge

Team Wall Ball/Burpee Challenge: 16 Min Time Cap

3-person team, one partner is resting, one completing 5 burpees, and one performing wallballs.  The goal of the challenge is to complete the prescribed number of wall balls as a team, switching every time your teammate completes 5 burpees.

Rester → Wall Ball → Burpees

RED – 20/15 – 325 reps

WHITE – 15/12 – 275 reps

BLUE – 12/10 – 200 reps


Pictionary: 3 x 5 min RNDS.

Each team has 5 minutes to complete the prescribed exercises for each RND. The quicker they get through the exercises, the more time for Pictionary. Once the first 2 people from each team finish the exercises, the entire team moves on to Pictionary for remainder of 5-min. Team with the most correct answers after 3 RNDS wins.

RND 1: Cat crawl 4 widths of gym + 25 sit-ups

RND 2: Lunge 4 widths of gym + 20 mtn climbers per side

RND 3: Monkey crawl 4 widths of gym (switch sides every width) + 50 jumping jacks