Friday August 25 – Partner Pentathlon

Partner Pentathlon:

Campers pair up and attempt to complete each event as fast as possible (6 minute time limit for each event). Teams will record their times from each event on the big white boards next to their team name (or 6 min & reps completed) – team with the lowest total time after 5 events is the winner. Only one partner exercising at a time.

1. 40 JG Tricep Press + 40 JG Rows (10 max/person)

2. Rowing: 1200m (300m max per person before switching)

3. Complete: 80 Pushup Burpees. (10 max/person) Newbies Non-Push Up Burpee

4. Complete: 6 Parking lot laps (partners alternate every lap)

5. 150 Overhead Lunges (total) (using MB or Plate) (20 max/person)