Friday December 14th – “No I In Team”

Friday: 12/14

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

  • Passive/Active Supine Hip Flexor Holds at End Range 5×5 Seconds Each
  • Pistol Lifts Off (Over Yoga Blocks) 5 Each Side

“No I In Team” Format:

No I in Team:  3 person teams.  Only 2 working down the board of exercises at a time.  Switch whenever. Move on to the next exercise once you finish all the reps.  Once you have finished all you move to Rowing finisher. Once all the teams are on the ERG part we will start a 5 min clock and go till time is up.

  • 150 Wall Balls = 50 Each  R:(20/15)W:(15/12)B:(12/10)
  • 75 Pushups = 25 Each R:All Toe, W:½ Toe ½ Knee, B:Knee
  • 75 KB Swings = 25 Each  R:(60+/45+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • 75 Yellow Bar Dips = 25 Each R:Feet Up, W:Feet Down Back, B:Feet Down in Front
  • 75 Burpees = 25 Each B: Newbie Burpee

Rowing Finisher:

  • Rester, Jumping Rope, Rower: Finisher
  • Rower Sets The Pace : Switch every 250m